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In Idaho, Claims of Lien (also called a “mechaincs lien”) must be filed within 90 days from last furnishing labor/materials to a project.

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Idaho Mechanics Lien Form

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Recent Questions & Answers About Idaho Mechanics Lien
Enforcement Initiatives

How do you initiate enforcement of a lien that the property owner refugees to pay?

How should I proceed?

Hello I am curious. Does my notice to lien have to be delivered within five days or only sent within 5 days?

Do I meet the requirements neccessary to file a lien?

I moved to Idaho from another state over a year ago. I have been working for a neighbor who is having a house built. But...

Can a subcontractor of an architect lien a construction project?

The architect hired a subcontractor to consult on the design of a construction project. the architect has not paid the subcontractor for 4 months. Does...

Dispute a contractors Lien

I got a letter from a contractor we have been in a dispute with saying he is claiming a lien. We didn't pay him for...

why does your website say you’re 90-day deadline to file a lien for the state of Idaho is from when work is substantially done?

Your website says that your 90 days to file a lien in the state of Idaho starts from substantial work of a job. Looking at...

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