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In Tennessee, if a contractor or supplier is unpaid for work, it may file a Notice of Lien with the proper recording office to preserve its rights for payment.

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Tennessee Notice of Lien Form

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How to appeal a mechanical lien

To contest a mechanical lien.

What is the definition of a 1-4 unit owner occupied building

I am an electrical contractor. General contractor has failed to pay all of the draw I am entitled to once the codes office approved the...

What can we do regarding a mechanics lien

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Why am I ask to fill out so many waivers and especially if I am only billing one time for total contract amount.

This is in TN-I am dealing with a Owner that wants many Lien Waivers all of a sudden. I want to know the difference between...

A unlicensed contractor has filed a fraudulent lien against my property. What is the easiest way to dispute this?

Fraudulent lien

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