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Rhode Island Construction Lien & Payment Forms

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Recent Questions & Answers About Rhode Island Paymant

What deadline did I miss?

My final payment was due on or around April 17 2023- the client stated becoming unreasonable after we fixed an item that was initially done incorrectly. We had a field rep from the product come out and say that we did everything in our power to resolve it. The remaining balance was...

Can I attach the fee to file my Levelset docs to a mechanic's lien in Rhode Island?

I need to file a mechanics lien in Rhode Island for money owed. Can I also attach the fee to file the Levelset docs to the lien?

Commercial Mechanics Lien

I am a General contractor and have a few jobs I did for a client and they are haggeling over payment. I wanted to know if these states there would be any issues with filing liens in. All work was completed in September - December of 2022 but I do know that...

Can I file a mechanics lien without a contract?

We did replace the siding in a commercial building. When we finished the job, they fired the manager (who presented himself as the owner of the business) and now the real owner (that is a common trust) don't want to pay because we don't have a written contract and change of orders....

Can you explain how to cover material and labor that happens before the 200 day lien notice in RI?

I'm a RI commercial subcontractor trying to understand when I should be liening a property when working as a subcontractor. Some law seems to point to enforcing the lien to cover material and supplies before the 200 days and other language seems to suggest filing multiple liens on a larger project. Seems...

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What You Need To Know About Construction Payment in Rhode Island

This page helps you find answers to all of your questions about construction payment in Rhode Island. Learn how documents such as pay applications, notices, contracts, lien waivers, mechanics liens, and more fit into Rhode Island’s construction payment process. Select a document to learn more about how it applies to construction projects in Rhode Island and to see your specific requirements.

It’s essential to exchange these documents when payments are flowing smoothly and when payment problems arise. These resources will help you navigate the payment process, increase visibility and communication, and avoid payment issues. But, if the need arises, they can also help you resolve payment problems and get paid what you earn.

If you need more information or can’t find the answer to a question, you can ask a licensed attorney for free and get a response fast.

Need help figuring out what document you need? Take a quick quiz and find out what the Rhode Island requirements say you need to send next.

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