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I'm a sub-subcontractor and I need to file a lien notice for a project that is locate in Rhode Island. How can I find the correct place to send the notices to? My customer is not being cooperative....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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Rhode IslandMechanics LienPreliminary Notice
We may be selling material to a sub-contractor on a public job. they are pushing back on our terms, though they have accepted them in the past. we have a concern they may be struggling financially so we want to be sure we know what we need to do to protect our lien or bond rights....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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Rhode IslandBond Claims
We are a flooring distributor that works with flooring retailers as sub-contractors. We have run into a situation where our customer is not willing to provide a full copy of the contract. Where this is a government project, it would fall under the Miller Act? I am making sure we do not need to acquire a copy of the contract or payment bond to protect our rights in the event of non-payment. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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Rhode IslandMiller Act
What is maximum retainage in RI for a private construction contract...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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Rhode IslandRetainage
Hi. I rented a bobcat with a hammer bit to break a giant rock as big as a car on my girl friends property in the state of Rhode Island. It was a one day rental. I had the machine for the weekend because they were closed on Sundays. The machine had a hydraulic oil leak and the switch to turn off the hammer function malfunctioned. The Bobcat was not able to break the rock like the rental company had mentioned it would. I did complain about this to them. They did let me use another bobcat the following weekend with no extra charge. This time after about three hours of use the bobcat started leaking hydraulic fluid. I had to stop using it. I told the company I'm not able to get what I want done because there equipment keeps giving me problems. They checked out the bobcat and said I tilted the machine to much and that damage the hose on the machine. I don't agree with that. I did ask for half my money back because I couldn't get anything done. The price was $1,100.00. My question is if I dispute this with my credit card company do I have to worry about the Rental company putting a mechanic lean on my girl friends house? I don't know how this works. I use my credit card for the transaction and I live in the state of Connecticut which is not far from her home to help her out. Being that I paid for it with my credit card can they put a lean on her house? Thanks, Mike...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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Rhode IslandCollectionsRight to Lien
My boss plans on holding my last 2 checks for 3 months and I was wondering how long he could actually wait because that doesn’t seem right ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
1 answerAdd commentJan 8, 2020
Rhode IslandConstruction Contract
I started working for a company that has been without a controller/accountant for a year. I have to back track now entries for the Completed construction project. The A/P person just debited all payables in a WIP account that pertain to the jobs. (There is a job cost with each job separated with their costs). However, the other company I need to bill to has already paid before they have been billed, and just put in a progress payment account. The AP person zeroed out the job cost report because her boss told her to because the jobs are complete. I must know make entries to AR to invoice one company from the building company for the costs of each job. My question is, what entries do I do after the fact. There is no completion method at this point, and I can’t even tell if anything is over or under billed. Any help would help!...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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Rhode IslandConstruction Accounting
can a home owner pull a permit to have an addition constructed on his home during this covid 19 thing...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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Rhode IslandConstruction Contract
I hired a local landscaping company to do some work on my yard. They gave me a price, which I paid in full (I have the record of the cashed check). There was only a verbal agreement. After writing an unfavorable review of them, they are now claiming they could have charged me more for the work done, and are threatening to put a lien on my home. Do they have any actual recourse to do so? I’m in Rhode Island...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
1 answerAdd commentMay 22, 2020
Rhode IslandRight to Lien
At the beginning of this project Kevin LaMarco the owner of National Roof and Solar Corp stated he gave a 20 year life to the roof because the owner of Harbour Animal Hospital said he had no warranty on his roof because the previous roofing contractor who put the new roof on approximately 4 years prior had gone out of business. I asked Kevin before I started working on the roof if the roof was good enough for solar and he sent me an email confirming he inspected the roof and gave it the approval that it was solar ready (meaning it would last the life of the loan and the panels 20years). Kevin was then responsible for the moving of some pipe on the roof which he had contracted a company named GEM to do the work. This took GEM two times to complete because the first time there was some confusion and the pipes weren’t all removed. During the second visit GEM made to the job site to complete the removal of the pipes, Kevin accidentally put a hole in the roof that needed patching . At this point my guys and myself had started the installation of the racking when we were told that we needed to stop because Wade had withheld from everyone that the roof had had some leaks and it wasn’t in good enough condition for solar after all. I then was asked to take the racking off the roof so because Wade now needed a whole new roof. This is when I had to pay my guy to install the racking and then to take it off and the job was delayed for months and I was told to bill for my time. At this time I still have not received money for the GC and Building owners clear faults. I told the GC if I dont receive a call my attorney will get involved for communication. The GC called me and threatned me and my family.I had the brooker on the line that witnessed the threats. I called the police and filed no tresspassing order against the GC. The follwing three days the GC terminates my contract and demands I pay the money back I was given to buy materials. Now this GC is the devil he lied to and manipulated to the building owner to get him on his side. When I mean lied I have supporting email transcript to prove slander and lies. The accentially emailed the GC and the building owners email thread. It shows this the facts and he lied and slandered me. The both agreed to terminate my contract based on no wrongdoings on my side. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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Rhode IslandConstruction ContractPayment Disputes
I am looking to replace a surety bond for a mechanics lien that is secured with a letter of credit for a new one that is secured with a personal line of credit Is this possible...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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Rhode Island
Hi, I have a question on RI mechanic lien. My contractor filed a bogus mechanic lien and then never moved to enforce it within the required 40 days. However, he now is not willing to take any action to remove it from my title. What can I do to remove it?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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Rhode IslandLien Releases
A lien was placed on my home when a contractor failed to pay the supplier - Humphrey's Lumber - the $40,000 owed for materials purchased to do a renovation on my home. The contractor WAS paid - by me - over $160,000 at the point at which the lien was issued. Clearly, he COULD HAVE / SHOULD HAVE paid Humphrey's - but refused. I was not aware they had not been paid (about 9 months in to the project). The contractor walked off the job. It has now been nearly seven years - and although we have tried to work with Humphreys (everyone knows who the "bad guy" is here.... as this contractor refused to pay Humphrey's in the past, resulting in an additional lien being placed on his mother's home....) Humphrey's Lumber is NOT (so far) willing to release the lien. The contractor is bankrupt. What is my next best course of action? I am willing to hire a lawyer. The contractor also stole materials from my job to build another house in Tiverton. Sub contractors were well aware of this action. Thank you for any advice on where to go from here... and a recommedation for a very experienced, tough lawyer to assist. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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Rhode IslandLien DeadlinesLien Foreclosure
I contacted a contractor that had done previous work for me about another job. We talked over the phone about the project. His employees came and completed the work in one day. The work was horrible. He then presented me with a bill that was more than double what we had discussed on the phone. I refused to pay the amount he gave the invoice for, but agreed to pay the amount he discussed. He is now threatening to put a lien on my house. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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Rhode IslandConstruction ContractMechanics LienNotice of Intent to LienPayment DisputesRight to Lien
We are a supplier and filed a lien before the deadline in RI. Is it possible to release/cancel the lien, and then refile later towards to actual due date if the debt has not been paid?...Read More
Anonymous Material Supplier
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