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Commercial Mechanics Lien

Rhode Island

I am a General contractor and have a few jobs I did for a client and they are haggeling over payment. I wanted to know if these states there would be any issues with filing liens in. All work was completed in September - December of 2022 but I do know that some states require pre lien filings and other requirements that could not allow you to place a lien. The states are: OH, RI, MA, NH, NY. Can you please let me know if I am ok to file liens at this time on these locations in the above states or if there are any states that legally I can't file the lien in? Thank you.

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Jan 27, 2023
Hi Greg, thank you for reaching out to the Levelset legal community. Because of the way this forum is set up, posts can only be tagged for one state, and you are asking about several states at once. However, our website has articles with the mechanics lien regulations and deadlines for each sate. You can visit this Levelset guide: and scroll down to the section titled "Mechanics Lien Laws & Deadlines in Each State". I hope that helps!
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