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Nate Budde is Chief Legal Officer at Levelset in New Orleans, LA. Along with being a husband and father, Nate is a licensed attorney in Louisiana and Texas. Nate began his legal career assisting with disputes in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and now helps contractors and suppliers get payment documents under control, facilitate smooth payments, and work out successful projects. Nate helps construction participants get paid faster through promoting visibility and collaboration.

Nate has written for many publications, and is a member of CFMA's Publications Advisory Group. Nate earned a BA from Stanford University and JD from Tulane Law School, and has been honored as a Top General Counsel in the U.S., and was also recently named as part of the 2020 Leadership in Law class.
Recent articles by Nate Budde

Coronavirus Job Delay? 3 Steps to Take Now on Construction Projects

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The novel coronavirus COVID-19 has begun to impact the construction industry in many ways. While the full depth and breadth of the impacts are still unknown, it is clear that job... Read more

How Contractors Can Survive Coronavirus: Get Paid, Not Burned

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4 Steps to Manage GC Liability for Subs’ Employee Wages and Benefits

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  Having confidence in Human Resource (“HR”) processes is important for any business, and this is especially true in construction where there is GC liability for wages all the way... Read more

How to File A Mechanics Lien in California – Step By Step Guide To Get You Paid

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How to file a Mechanics Lien in California. Read this step-by-step guide that goes through all of the steps required to file a mechanics lien in the state of California. Read more

Georgia Notice of Commencement – What Information Is Essential?

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When a Notice of Commencement filing is required, these documents can have a significant impact on both parties throughout the payment chain, and the property itself. Notices of commencement are... Read more

Arizona Lien Waiver Through Date: Mistakes Can Result In Lost Lien Rights

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Arizona has statutory lien waiver forms, but they are still complex. Making a mistake with the lien waiver “through date” can lead to lost lien rights. Read more

Filing a Lien on a Project with Multiple Properties

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Mechanics liens can be the last line of defense standing between a construction participant and nonpayment. But with all of the specific, technical, and confusing rules and requirements that potential... Read more

Do Pay-When-Paid Clauses or Payment Terms Influence Construction Notice or Mechanics Lien Deadlines?

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Deadlines change from project to project depending on location, role, change orders, and more. Even things like determining what actually qualifies as the first or last furnishing date, or the... Read more

Lien Rights for Material Suppliers: First Furnishing Date Delivery Date or Shipping Date? Does it Matter for Lien Deadlines?

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Deadlines are of critical importance for potential mechanics lien claimants. Missing a deadline can mean the difference between being able to file an enforceable mechanics lien, and not being able... Read more

What’s the ‘Date Labor or Materials Last Delivered’ and How Can I Prove It?

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One of the specific rules the must be followed is that mechanics liens need to be filed within a certain time-period in order to be valid and enforceable. These deadlines are... Read more

Invalid Lien Filed on Your Property? Here’s What to Do

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Pennsylvania mechanics lien law (along with that of many other states) provides for a procedure for contesting a lien claim that does not comply with the mechanics lien act. In... Read more

Can the GC or Property Owner Limit My Mechanics Lien Rights by Contract?

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In some cases, the property owner or GC will attempt to limit the availability of mechanics liens by including “no lien” clauses, or pre-emptive waivers of lien rights in their... Read more

Will Filing a Mechanics Lien Stop Foreclosure?

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Parties sometimes turn to a mechanics lien filing in an attempt to stop or slow down a sale or mortgage foreclosure (on their or a family member’s property) – even... Read more

Where to Send Preliminary Notice if the Property Owner has Multiple Addresses

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Preliminary notice requirements were developed to benefit project owners by providing them with important information, such as the identities of all the companies working on the project. This information was... Read more

Defending a Payment Bond Claim – Mistakes to Avoid

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Just like for bond claimants, bond defenders should also make it routine practice to retain information that would be beneficial in the event a claim is made. Just like the... Read more

A Public Entity Hired Me on a Construction Project – What Happens If I Don’t Get Paid?

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Generally, the parties protected by the bond are the “remote” or downstream project participants. But this protection only extends so far – for example, suppliers to suppliers are usually not... Read more

Confusing Dates: What’s the Difference Between Date of Last Furnishing and Date of Substantial Completion?

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The right to encumber and ultimately force the sale of somebody else’s property – mechanics lien rights in a nutshell – is a hugely powerful right. Since this right was... Read more

If Mechanics Lien Rights are Lost, Can a Subcontractor File a Lawsuit Against the Owner for Payment?

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One of the mechanics lien’s powers is the ability to provide the claimant with multiple avenues to recovery – it gets more skin in the game. Usually, if a party... Read more

Can You File Multiple Liens on a Single Project?

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Generally, if a payment situation has devolved to the point that a mechanics lien is filed, there is no further work being done on the project by the claimant. In... Read more

What Do I Do If I Miss a Preliminary Notice Deadline?

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Mechanics liens are one of the construction industry’s most powerful tools to get paid. But in order to remain in a position to file a valid mechanics lien, there can... Read more

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