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A plumbing company threatened me with a lien

I had a plumber fix a leak at my rental property in Hamilton. It took 7 trips for him to fix the leak, starting in April and finishing in June. I received my first bill August 1st. The bill is for $2309.71 for a shower leak. I have made multiple calls and...

Non payment

I started an office to home remodel for this lady, she signed an estimate for me, she was supposed to pay for all materials,I ended up paying for 80 percent of materials, soni could get the job done for her, she's paid half of original total and now wont pay other half,...

How to foreclose

I filed all paperwork and am seeking to foreclose how do I do this

Multiple Questions

1. Do we legally need to file a preliminary notice, to file an Intent to Lien, prior to filing a lien on a property? 2. What right do we have to lien a property without filing a Preliminary Notice? 4. How long are preliminary notices valid for? We found some information that...

Late Preliminary Notice – What Happens?

What happens if we file a preliminary notice halfway through the project? For example, we sign a new sales order this week, but we have been working on it for the past six months. What right do we have in that circumstance?

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What You Need To Know About Construction Payment in Montana

This page helps you find answers to all of your questions about construction payment in Montana. Learn how documents such as pay applications, notices, contracts, lien waivers, mechanics liens, and more fit into Montana’s construction payment process. Select a document to learn more about how it applies to construction projects in Montana and to see your specific requirements.

It’s essential to exchange these documents when payments are flowing smoothly and when payment problems arise. These resources will help you navigate the payment process, increase visibility and communication, and avoid payment issues. But, if the need arises, they can also help you resolve payment problems and get paid what you earn.

If you need more information or can’t find the answer to a question, you can ask a licensed attorney for free and get a response fast.

Need help figuring out what document you need? Take a quick quiz and find out what the Montana requirements say you need to send next.

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