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Alex is originally from South Florida but has called New Orleans home since 2003. He graduated from Loyola University College of Law and went on to get a master's degree in intellectual property and Internet law from the University of Alicante in Spain. Since then his practice mainly focused on contracts, business law, construction, and IP. Alex joined Levelset in 2018 and has since worked to help construction businesses around the country know their rights to ensure they get paid what they’ve earned.
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Federal Miller Act: Subcontractor Loses Bond Claim Due to Early Notice

Published on

Protecting your payments on federal construction projects, means complying with the Federal Miller Act. Similar to state or local government projects, the general contractor is required to post a payment... Read more

Virginia Sub-Tier Supplier Wins Unjust Enrichment Claim Against General Contractor

Published on

The Virginia Supreme Court recently upheld a decision allowing a material supplier to make an unjust enrichment claim against a general contractor with whom they did not have a contract.... Read more

Florida Passes Law Requiring E-Verify for Employment

Published on

The state of Florida is preparing to make some significant changes to employment practices that contractors need to be aware of. The changes in question are the addition of the... Read more

FL Subcontractor Lien Has Priority Despite Notice of Commencement Error

Published on

Anyone working in the construction industry knows, that a mechanics lien is an incredibly powerful tool to help you get paid. It grants the claimant an interest in the property.... Read more

Iowa Homestead Lien Foreclosures Can Now Include Attorney’s Fees

Published on

On June 25, 2020, Iowa Governor Reynolds signed SF458 into law, giving additional protection to residential contractors in the state of Iowa. Under this new legislation, Iowa lien claimants who... Read more

What is a Lien? Types of Property Liens Explained

Published on

If you’ve had a lien filed on your home or property, or you just heard about liens for the first time, we’re here to break it down for you. We... Read more

Ambiguous Contract Forces Terminated Contractor to Pay Damages

Published on

Whenever accepting a new construction job, it’s critical that the agreement is put in writing. The contract should contain a clear outline of the obligations and expectations of each party.... Read more

PA Court: Unreasonable to Base Liquidated Damages on Past Projects

Published on

Liquidated damages clauses are typically included in construction contracts to cover damages that may be difficult to calculate. Although useful, these damages can add up quickly. These types of clauses... Read more

Illinois Contractors Win Quantum Meruit Claim Despite Invalid Contract

Published on

Public works contracts can be incredibly lucrative. But they can also be difficult to navigate, given all the specific rules and requirements involved in contracting with the government. Strict adherence... Read more

VT Sub Loses Claim After Failing to Request Change Order for Extra Work

Published on

Anyone working on a construction project should familiarize themselves with every aspect of their contract; most notably, the change order procedures. On May 29, 2020 the Vermont Supreme Court upheld... Read more

Delaware Court: No Mechanics Lien For Geotechnical Services

Published on

Anyone working in the construction industry should be familiar with mechanics liens. They are a powerful tool to ensure you get paid what you’ve earned on a project. Not only... Read more

Illinois Appeals Court: Prevailing Wages Apply Whether In Contract or Not

Published on

Prevailing wage laws are prevalent across the country. These laws are meant to ensure that employees and laborers on public works projects are paid a fair and reasonable wage for... Read more

How to Properly Use a Louisiana Final Notice of Non-Payment

Published on

Securing your mechanics lien rights on a construction project is a process. It involves meeting certain requirements, notices, and deadlines. Louisiana’s mechanics lien laws are strict: Missing a deadline (especially... Read more

How to prepare & send a Notice of Intent to Lien in Pennsylvania

Published on

Mechanics liens are the best way to protect your payments on a construction project. However, securing these rights involve strict compliance with the state’s formal notice and deadline requirements. For... Read more

Court: Letter of intent not binding as a construction contract

Published on

A construction contract is the backbone of any project, it governs all of the rights and obligations of each party. But what constitutes an actual, legally binding contract? Construction projects... Read more

What is a Wyoming Notice of Intent to Lien?

Published on

Securing your mechanics lien rights is the single most effective way to ensure you get paid what you’ve earned on a construction project. Doing so in Wyoming, and any state... Read more

What Exactly Is a Texas Constitutional Mechanics Lien?

Published on

Anyone in the industry can tell you that mechanics liens are the best way to guarantee payment on a construction project. This is true across the country, including the state... Read more

Securing Payment With a North Dakota Notice of Intent to Lien

Published on

Securing and leveraging your mechanics lien rights is the single most effective way to protect yourself against non-payment in the construction industry. To do so, there are specific requirements, notices,... Read more

When & Why To Should Send a Nebraska Notice of Right to Lien

Published on

Nebraska preliminary notices aren’t necessarily required, but they can affect your lien rights on certain construction projects. Claimants who don’t send a Notice of Right to Assert a Lien on... Read more

Serving a NY Notice of Lien? Substantial Compliance Doesn’t Apply

Last Updated on

Every contractor should be familiar with the mechanics lien requirements of the state that they are working in. Granted, there are many different requirements and deadlines to wrap your head... Read more

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