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Alex is originally from South Florida but has called New Orleans home since 2003. He graduated from Loyola University College of Law and went on to get a master's degree in intellectual property and Internet law from the University of Alicante in Spain. Since then his practice mainly focused on contracts, business law, construction, and IP. Alex joined Levelset in 2018 and has since worked to help construction businesses around the country know their rights to ensure they get paid what they’ve earned.
Recent articles by Alex Benarroche

Pennsylvania Court: Improper Notice Doesn’t Necessarily Invalidate a Mechanics Lien

Published on

Mechanics lien rights are statutory rights, which means that you must comply with specific legal requirements in order to exercise these rights. And courts are typically unafraid to enforce those... Read more

How to File a Vermont Mechanics Lien | A Step-by-Step Guide to Get You Paid

Published on

If you’ve gone unpaid while working on a construction project in the Green Mountain State, then a mechanics lien might be exactly what you’re looking for. A mechanics lien is... Read more

Kansas subcontractor loses lawsuit over unapproved change orders

Published on

Change orders happen on nearly every construction project. While they’re often necessary, they can be confusing, and and feel just like extra unnecessary work. But performing work – without written... Read more

NY Lien Law Sec. 38: Pay Application Doesn’t Count As Itemized Statement Demand

Published on

A mechanics lien is an incredibly powerful tool to ensure payment on a construction project. Given how effective they are, they must be kept in check to avoid any frivolous... Read more

A Maine contractor built a house without a contract, and paid the price

Published on

All residential contractors working in Maine should be aware that all of their contracts must be writing under the Maine Home Construction Contract Act. A violation under these provisions can... Read more

How to File A Wyoming Mechanics Lien | A Step-by-Step Guide to Get You Paid

Last Updated on

If you’ve gone unpaid while working on a private project in Wyoming, you may want to consider filing a mechanics lien. A mechanics lien is one of the most powerful... Read more

How to File a Montana Mechanics Lien | A Step-by-Step Guide to Get You Paid

Last Updated on

If you’re working on a Montana construction project and haven’t been paid, then filing a mechanics lien might be just what you need. Almost everyone involved in a construction project in Montana... Read more

Vermont GC Tries to Use Retainage Check to Trick Sub into Waiving $42k

Published on

Late payments are a serious problem in the construction industry. That’s particularly true when it comes to retainage payments. Cash flow is light at the end of a project, once... Read more

California Subcontractor Quits Job, Loses Retainage

Published on

Withholding retainage in the construction industry is a relatively common practice, no matter what the project. Given the fact that profit margins on construction projects are pretty thin, ensuring that... Read more

MA Employers May Be Personally Liable For Prevailing Wage Violations

Published on

Construction companies working on a public works project in Massachusetts should be sure to pay their employees the proper prevailing wage rate. Failure to do so will result in not... Read more

Louisiana Mechanics Lien Laws Change In 2020. Are you Ready?

Last Updated on

If you’re working in the construction industry in Louisiana, there are some important changes that go into effect in 2020 regarding mechanics lien rights. Here’s a quick reminder of what... Read more

Can you email construction notices? US District Court says yes.

Last Updated on

Notices are an important aspect of the construction industry, and crucial to a successful construction project. Sometimes the contract requires notice. In most states, contractors and suppliers send notice to... Read more

Iowa Court: Cost Plus Contract Requires Detailed Invoices

Last Updated on

Cost plus contracts can be tricky. It requires a fair amount of documentation and detailed invoicing, to be sure the contractor isn’t taking advantage of the customer. Failing to do... Read more

Prompt Payment: When A Contractor Has The Right To Suspend Work

Published on

Getting paid on a construction project is significantly more difficult than it should be. Taking steps to protect your mechanics lien rights are a step in the right direction, but... Read more

Pennsylvania Construction Industry Employee Verification Act: What Contractors Need To Know

Last Updated on

The Pennsylvania General Assembly recently passed what is known as the PA Construction Industry Employee Verification Act, which will go into effect October of 2020. Anyone involved in construction in... Read more

Georgia Lien Waivers Can Waive More Than Just Lien Rights

Last Updated on

A good understanding of the lien waiver rules in your state is crucial to protecting your rights to payment; and the state of Georgia is no exception. Let’s take a... Read more

How To Use Construction Pay Apps, Invoices & Lien Waivers Together To Get Paid Faster

Last Updated on

The construction industry takes a particularly unique approach to getting paid. There are multiple parties involved, a majority of them are working on credit, and the money has to pass... Read more

How to Include Retainage in a Construction Payment Application

Published on

Although a controversial topic, retainage is commonplace in the construction industry. You can find retainage provisions in almost every modern construction contract. But at the end of the day, that’s... Read more

How Change Orders Affect Your Payment Application On A Construction Project

Published on

Changes to the scope of work – the specific work outlined in the contract – happen all the time on construction projects. These can result in either an increase or... Read more

Subcontractor’s Guide to ConsensusDocs 710 Application for Payment

Published on

Construction projects each operate differently, and the documents and payment processes are no exception. However, every project generally requires some sort of payment application. Sometimes it can be as simple... Read more

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