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I am trying to pre-lien our jobs and just need clarification on which notice to fill out with LevelSet....Read More
Anonymous Material Supplier
1 answerAdd commentJun 5, 2023
MontanaPreliminary Notice
This customer bought some equipment for her restaurant, she has only made minimum payments and is not paying at all. I heard the property is up for ssale can we get a lein on the property so we can get our money?...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
1 answerAdd commentMay 15, 2023
MontanaMechanics Lien
I filed a Lien through Levelset but I haven't heard anything from the property owner or general contractor in a month. My lien is for 72K, and I really need to be paid for this work. What is the next step I can take?...Read More
Lucio Villa
1 answerAdd commentFeb 16, 2023
MontanaLien Foreclosure
If our subcontractor had recieved their final payment, but still owe some work what type of lien waiver would we use? Due to frozen ground some work was not finished, but final payment was already given....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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MontanaLien WaiversMechanics Lien
It has been 6+ months builder kept saying he was going to pay but still hasn't what are my options he owes me 22k...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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We are an engineering firm working with a contractor to improve property in the public right-away. What are our options for liens?...Read More
Mark Holle
1 answerAdd commentOct 18, 2022
I have a notice on my account saying theres a payment problem and my payment is not protected. What does that mean?...Read More
Mark Sanders
Waiting for answerAdd commentOct 7, 2022
we have a customer who is doing a job in Montana and there will be 50 homes in this subdivision. they do not want to set up 50 jobs but would like to set up 1 job under the subdivision name and enter each home under it. How can we handle that situation....Read More
Linda Sill
Waiting for answerAdd commentSep 29, 2022
I have been helping a friend fix up her housev to put on the marker with promise of payment on a verbal contract. I do have a copy of her bills to be paid once it sells with an amount on it that she cut by a 1000.00$ saying it was only written that way something to do with numerology 3 6 and 9 but it was just a ploy I think to for I by a 1000.00$ but I did snap a photo when she left it on the counter...Read More
Anonymous Laborer
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MontanaLien Deadlines
One year ago, my builder and I agreed that the final payment owed by us was $14,900. He was to finish the project by the end of May. Instead, it dragged on and was finally finished in March. He never made deadlines, and never sent any notice of changes in costs -- no change orders. He presented me with a bill for $34,000 last month, saying that costs had gone up in the ensuing year. I said I would only pay what we agreed, and sent him a check. He is now threatening a mechanics lien on our property by the end of this week if we don't pay up. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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MontanaMechanics Lien
We have not been paid for all work completed. CICs are consistently challenged and disputed. Delays are caused by company, which causes us to lose time and money. And yet they continue to request employees be sent to site. What recourse do we have?...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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the contractor is denying he owes us , says we did finish on time and we did do as much work as we way, we have documented hours and billsi for supplies and a change order for extra work the contractor wanted done....Read More
LaDonna Lambert
Waiting for answerAdd commentJan 19, 2022
We started this project on 11/29/21 is it too late to file a preliminary construction notice to the general contractor? we are the sub. We just submitted our first pay application last week. Thanks. ...Read More
Lynnelle Perusich
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Can the owner subdivide the property if it has a mechanical lein on it ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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MontanaMechanics Lien
Had level set place a lien on a client's property. Client broke contract and refused to pay per agreed terms. Now I was sent a letter from his lawyer saying I damaged flooring and haven't finished the job and I need to remove the lien or else....Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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MontanaConstruction Contract