Contractor Profiles: Ratings and Reviews Guidelines


Levelset collects contractor reviews from parties  who work with, or has worked with the contractor, and from visitors to the Contractor’s Profile. Reviews are a free-form way to let other contractors know more about the reviewer’s payment experience with the reviewed contractor.

The purpose of these reviews is to help companies know how to work with a contractor, by providing the reviewer’s thoughts about what to expect, the contractor’s payment process, and tips to avoid surprises and issues.

All reviews are posted anonymously to protect relationships and provide an opportunity for honesty in reviews. Reviews are approved by Levelset before being posted on any page.  Levelset does not edit reviews for content, but does moderate reviews for compliance with Levelset’s guidelines for conduct on its sites.

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Our Promise

Levelset Contractor Pages provide transparency into contractors’  payment experiences and behaviors, that others may find helpful to avoid payment surprises and to speed up their own payment. 

Thousands of companies in the construction industry use Levelset’s Contractor Profiles and user reviews to gain insights into a contractor’s payment process and payment risk. 

We never edit or alter the text of reviews or comments published. Reviews that do not comply with our terms of service will not be posted, or will be removed after Leveset learns of the noncompliant post.  

We will never suppress, hide, reorder, or delete content solely because it is a negative or positive review about a contractor. 

We believe in anonymity and give contractors the opportunity to speak freely without damaging  their business relationships and business opportunities. Information or opinion provided in reviews are solely those of the party leaving the review and not those of Levelset. Levelset does not investigate nor endorse the information or opinions provided in the reviews, and merely provides a platform on which reviewers may post their experiences or opinions. We don’t take sides in disputes but expect contractors to comply with the review guidelines and to stand behind their review statements.

Contractor Review Guidelines

Thousands of contractors rely on Contractor Profiles to review contractor reputation, manage relationships, and determine the best actions to resolve disputes. Follow these guidelines so everyone can benefit from a helpful, fair, and communicative community.

Submissions are subject to review by the Levelset team for compliance with the following guidelines prior to posting:

    • Reviews should be original and focused on your personal experiences working with the contractor, and not based on what you have heard from others. We don’t take sides in disputes and expect you to stand by the statements expressed in your review.
    • Reviews should be about your payment experience with that contractor on a past job or ongoing payment on a current job. This can include time to payment, specific mentions of the process, best practices for getting paid faster, payment problems if they occurred, how to resolve payment problems with them and more.
    • It is up to you whether you want to name specific individuals associated with your payment experience. Levelset will not remove reviews that name individual actors associated with the reviewer’s payment experience, as this information may be generally representative of a company’s payment process and can be helpful for other contractors. However, as a reviewer, it is your responsibility to understand that the laws with respect to statements about individuals may be different than those with respect to companies, that you are solely responsible for such statements, and that such statements may negatively impact your relationships. In most cases, it is likely best to only identify an individual party by title or company role.
    • Reviews will not be published with inappropriate or offensive language. We understand that negative payment experiences can cause an emotional response. However, reviews with inappropriate or offensive language, threats of violence, or reviews that mention an individual’s race, religion, nationality, gender, or sexual orientation, or otherwise relate to any protected class will not be published. General allegations of discrimination, harassment, or illegal activity are allowed if these experiences interfered with payment.
    • Reviews should follow grammatical best practices as Levelset does not make any edits before publishing reviews. While the writing and grammar of a review does not need to be perfect, unintelligible reviews may not be published or may be removed.
    • If you represent your company and would like to reply to reviews, please claim your company profile. Someone on our team will reach out to you about posting your responses.
    • All reviews are anonymous but for the betterment of the community, any submitted review without a verifiable email address or without an email address at all, will automatically be rejected. All reviews left without a company email address will be further authenticated before approval.
    • Reviews that are not related to the experience of working with the contractor will not be published. This includes but is not limited to reviews about Levelset, reviews about your own company, and reviews that do not provide any information about the selected contractor.
    • Creating new accounts to leave numerous reviews about one company is against the rules and all reviews in question will be removed.
    • No current or previous employee reviews are allowed.
  • To protect your privacy, we do not allow you to identify yourself, your company, or any contact information (about yourself or your company) in your review.

Corrections Process:

If you believe there are any errors on a contractor profile, here are the steps to submit a request for correction.

  1. Complete the form below and provide details as to what’s wrong on the page.
  2. The Levelset team will review submissions for corrections.
  3. We will follow up with further actions, which may include the corrections made to the page or communicating why information was not changed.