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I’m being forced to pay project manager under the table for work received and when I finally confronted him I stopped receiving work and been waiting on final payment Homevestors franchisee ...Read More
Joshua Fontenot
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I'm a subcontractor and have been working with a larger GC who has been stringing us out of the last 3 months. I need to know how to get paid after already signing a contract....Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
2 answersAdd commentJan 12, 2022
ArizonaConstruction ContractLien WaiversPay ApplicationsPreliminary NoticeRetainage
we are a sub on a federal highway project and have not been paid for last payment or retainage. I sent out the 10 day notice of intent to file claim on payment bond. When is the last day to record the claim with the county recorder and do i need to send any more notification to the GC...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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ColoradoConstruction ContractPay ApplicationsRetainage
Contractor had major delays on a project due to internal issues on their end (not due to any subs). They are still having delays and the job is completely stopped, but we have been ready to finish for months. They have held over $50k of retention for over 14 months now due to their delays; Do we have any rights to demand these retained earnings? Or at least a portion of it? I have read GA law, but it doesn't specify how long a contractor can hold retainage. ...Read More
Raul Pacheco
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I am a General Contractor in the Texas. - In Texas - Is it legal for a General Contractor to hold retainage on a subcontractor if the Owner/Client is not holding Retainage?...Read More
Edward Helewa
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Hi there - I know Caltrans cannot hold retainage to a GC on payment applications, per PCC 7202. However, may a GC hold retainage on a Subcontractor under PCC 4108? I hate not having any sort of leverage with the Subcontractor....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
1 answerAdd commentMar 5, 2018
Our prime contract with the Owner of a private project does not hold retention. As the General Contractor, we desire to withhold 10% retention from our Subcontractors to provide security in case of any potential mechanics lien or shoddy contractor performance. Is that legal?...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
1 answerAdd commentDec 20, 2021
Hello! We have affordable housing project in Connecticut, we are materials supplier, owner is non profit organization. Which project type in Levelset we should select for Affordable housing projects- can affordable housing projects be under "state/county" type? Our last delivery was 07/29/2021, and only retainage is left not paid. This project have a bond, so we could file bond claim. Could you please explain deadline for retainage bond claim, as we don't know when our client - general contractor applies for or receives retainage. They said that project is not finished yet and that's why retainage is not paid yet. Thank you!...Read More
Nigora Salikhova
1 answerAdd commentDec 14, 2021
ConnecticutBond ClaimsRetainage
I am an HVAC subcontractor. This job is in Texas. This fast food restaurant job is finished, mostly, and the end user customer is using the facility. They have become unresponsive to us and the general. We previously filed some notices, and we were paid on those. Now it is just the retainage, about $10K. I just sent (with Levelset) a preliminary notice of retainage. But then I got a Levelset notice that I am late on that. The retainage is now getting late. We were last there in October. We were there in September. There was a factory startup of the HVAC equipment probably within the last 30 days, but we can't even get clear info about it. Should we send another monthly notice? Is there another form for retainage? Thanks! I am a little unclear since the retainage gets paid when the job gets closed out and, therefore, depends on factors outside of our immediate HVAC scope. In other words, even though we may not have been there in several months, that doesn't make the retainage technically late. Other work may need to be completed. On the other hand, that may be the wrong perspective....Read More
John Haldenstein
1 answerAdd commentNov 30, 2021
I am unclear if we, as a GC, and sometimes a subcontractor, are supposed to be withholding retainage from our material suppliers on private projects?...Read More
Katie Wetzel
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As a sub, we have completed the job and retention has not been paid. Is an active city business license needed for the city in which the job took place in order to receive retention payment?...Read More
Tony Campa
1 answerAdd commentDec 1, 2021
I am an attorney in Houston. I have a client who has retained 10% against the general contractor. A supplier has timely filed $100K in liens. As I read the statute, the owner's liability is limited to the 10%. The question is, does the supplier still have a lien on the property?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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My boss wants me to bill our customer for retention on the original contract job, but we several pending change orders to bill. Is this correct? ...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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By law - in order for a contractor to withhold retainage from a subcontractor - it must be stated in the contract....correct?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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Recently noted on a new contract that the max retention allowed on a public project in CA is 5%. Trying to confirm this. Thank you...Read More
Tom Brower
1 answerAdd commentOct 20, 2021