Payment Profiles: How to Claim Your Profile & FAQs

Why claim your profile?

By claiming your profile, you can customize your company information and deliver important insights to clients and potential customers that help avoid delays or communication errors. Plus, you differentiate yourself as an elite project partner! 

By claiming your profile, you can:

  • Add replies to reviews
  • Publish company news
  • Create links to company forms and resources
  • Share contacts at the company, such as who is in charge of accounts payable
  • Add company information, such as licenses, workers’ comp, bond details, etc.
  • Provide steps for payment and your payment process
  • Get a review link to share with customers and vendors

Claim your profile now to customize your information and start replying to reviews!

How to claim your profile: 

  1. Go to Payment Profiles and search for your company. 
  2. Select your company to open your payment profile page. Here you will see reviews, job history, key information about the company, and much more. The main benefit of claiming your profile is that you are ensuring your information is up-to-date and correct — that way when others search for you or see you on jobs, they can get exactly the information they need. 
  3. Under your logo on the left side, click “unclaimed.” This will give you a popup to fill out with all of your information. Please fill this out as in-depth and accurately as possible! This information will be displayed on your profile. 
  4. Once you submit your profile information, a Levelset team member will update it within 10 business days, and you will be on your way to helping others know how to work with you — and differentiating yourself as an elite project partner!

Please note: To claim or update your profile, you must make the request with an email that ends with your company name ( This lets Levelset know that you have the authority to claim or edit your company profile. We do not edit any of the information provided, so please be sure there are no spelling errors or typos. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you already have a profile for me?

Profile data is compiled from the Levelset database, public data, and partnerships with third-party construction data companies. Learn more about where our data comes from, and exactly how your payment score is calculated.

How is the Payment Score calculated? 

Our dynamic machine intelligence model projects payment speed and score by reviewing payment and project activity in our database. It analyzes the number of documents received per company, the number of users sending documents to specific contractors, and how recently any slow payment or non-payment occurred. 

The model then relatively scores a contractor based on this activity compared to other contractors in the industry, and assigns a payment score on a scale of 0-100, along with a corresponding letter grade.

What are reviews and ratings?

Star ratings on Payment Profiles are based on the average satisfaction rating (1-5 scale) from subcontractors who have worked with the general contractor.

Levelset collects contractor reviews from others who have previously worked with the contractor, those who are currently working with them, and from visitors to the Payment Profiles. Reviews let other contractors know more about the reviewer’s payment experience with the reviewed contractor.

How do I improve my payment score & rating?

There are a number of steps contractors can take to improve their payment score:

  1. Make a Levelset account and submit projects to improve overall payment score 
  2. Exchange lien waivers and request preliminary notices through Levelset on every job 
  3. Ask others to leave a rating or review — you get a review link for your profile once you claim it
  4. Be upfront with what you expect from subcontractors and vendors — and pay quickly! This will improve both your payment score and rating. 

How can I improve or update information on my profile?

If you have updates for your Payment Profile, here are the steps to submit a request.

  1. Complete the form below and provide details as to what’s to be updated on the profile page.
  2. The Levelset team will review submissions.
  3. We will follow up with further actions, which may include the updates made to the profile page or communicating why the information was not changed.

How do I search for other Payment Profiles?

Search for other general contractors, subcontractors, and projects via these links

How are the “Best Contractor” Award winners selected? 

Each award has different requirements to win. Contractors are awarded based on fast and fair payment processes that benefited all project stakeholders and helped avoid payment disputes. 

Other factors that contribute to winning a Levelset award include having positive reviews, a good rating on your profile, and few reported slow payment instances across a high volume of projects (as tracked by our national project monitoring).

Learn more about Best Contractor Awards and how to win. 

Are there guidelines to leaving reviews and ratings on my profile?

Yes! Our review guidelines are explained here. All reviews are posted anonymously to protect relationships and provide an opportunity for honesty in reviews. Reviews are approved by Levelset before being posted on any page. Levelset does not edit reviews for content, but does moderate reviews for compliance with Levelset’s guidelines for conduct on its sites. 

Who can see all of this information?

The public! Our goal at Levelset is to empower all construction industry professionals. By providing information on every company, we increase transparency within the industry and help people make great decisions, get their daily work done quickly and as stress-free as possible, and get paid on time for their work.

Have more questions? 

Contact us today! We’re here to help. 

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