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I am the owner of a SMB mechanical contracting company here in Colorado. We are working for a Denver contractor and struggling to get paid. We now have $1.5M still outstanding for January, and another $1.3M just at 30 days. I need to understand if a prompt payment demand letter from my lawyer is the correct next step? Is the job covered by the act?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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ColoradoPrompt Payment
I am a subcontractor roofer working for a licensed contractor and he has continuously not paid but has told me he will pay me I have done multiple jobs for him and still no payment. I have text messages from him and verbal agreements for each job. He now owes me $15628.91. What can I do Reply ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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ArizonaPrompt Payment
I have a customer that I assembled a playset for. He paid all but $130. He never argued the price but refused to pay me at the time of completion. He did not pay until 3 hours after I left the residence and then refused to answer any calls or text messages from me. He never replied or tried to call me back. After finally sending me a payment he shorted me by $130 dollars. When I requested the rest or tried to reach out to him to inquire as to why he didn't pay the full amount, he refused to answer any calls or texts. How can I get the rest of my money? ...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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KansasPrompt Payment
Contractor hires a sub-cotractor to do work for a homeowner. How long does the contractor have to submit sub-contractor's invoice to homeowner ? Thanks ! ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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MassachusettsPrompt PaymentRecovery OptionsSlow Payment
I would for a small, family-owned stone installation company. I wanted to make up a customer agreement form that lays out the services, payment stipulations, etc. One of the things I wanted to add was a late fee that would be added to the net invoice. But, I don't know what percentage I can charge a customer if they're late with the final payment, the timeframe, etc....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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MaineCollectionsConstruction ContractPayment DisputesPrompt Payment
I have a question regarding the Prime's delay in submitting a subcontractor's invoices to a vendor for payment. My business provided work for a Prime contractor. They are now rejecting invoices that are over 1 year old, even though we submitted these invoices in a timely fashion. Is there any requirement for a Prime to submit all invoices for service provided within a certain time frame? Or can a Prime hold onto a subcontractor's invoices, without submitting them to the state, for an indefinite period of time? TIA...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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I have a customer that slander my business on social media site where I do 100 of my advertising. It has hurt me financially. And she refused to pay me. Can I add damages to the claim I just filed? ...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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GeorgiaPrompt PaymentRight to Lien
I work for an excavation company. We don't use Levelset at the company I currently work for. The company that I used to work for used Levelset, and it was very helpful. Recently, I took over the billing at the company I currently work for and noticed that there are more than a few jobs that have unpaid invoices dating as far back as 2016. Our contract is fairly basic regarding client invoicing and payment, basically we will submit invoices every (30) days, client shall pay invoices in full within (30) days, If client fails to pay we may give (10) notice to client to secure the default, if they fail to do so, we can stop work. I would like to attempt to collect on some of these old invoices. Do I have any recourse, if so, what steps would I have to take in order to do so? Thank you in advance....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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I'm a subcontractor, I completed all the flatwork for a new construction home. I have done multiple projects for the General over the last 3 years without any problems. This project they took my invoice and modified it, claiming they don't pay for incidentals, or materials used on their projects other than the labor to complete the project. I use the same template for every invoice and list the same line items on every invoice, which they have paid every time until now. They actually paid a portion of this invoice immediately upon receipt, but They are attempting to reduce the final invoice from over $6K to just over $1K. In correspondence they admitted that the bank and their customer both approved my invoice payment, yet they are refusing to pay. The job is also 3 hours from me, so I have a substantial amount of time, fuel, per diem, travel costs, labor, and out of pocket materials tied up into this project. What do I need to do?...Read More
Porter Ericsson
1 answerAdd commentJul 30, 2022
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I got a call from a GC stating they were in a emergency situation and needed a electrician ASAP. I drive a hour to the location. The original electrician did some rookie work and did not complete the original scope of work. I ended up working at project for almost a week. I did find all the issues and the job was completed. I asked about payment and was told they write checks on Fridays. It was Sunday so had to wait a week. Friday comes around and I ask where and how do I get my check and was told to go by their office after 2 PM. The lady from the office called saying she had some paperwork for me to fill out. W-9 which no problem then there was a Annual Subcontractor agreement before they can give me my check. No one told me anything about having to fill out this paperwork. I refused to sign so they said they could not release my check until I do. Their agreement basically takes all responsibility off of them and puts it on me. I even went to bid a second job with them and still no one said anything about this contract....Read More
Christopher Jaso
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TexasPayment DisputesPrompt Payment
I just reviewed my roofing agreement that I was an estimate. It stated that payment will be $1000 plus insurance premium. The state adjuster I worked with was recommended by them and I had to payed him 15 % of my insurance settlement amount. Can I get out the agreement without getting a lien put on my property or paying the roofer 35% of my settlement since I no longer want to use them. I live in the state of NJ and they already completed 6 roofs in my neighborhood....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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New JerseyConstruction ContractPrompt Payment
If a customer were to not pay timely what would be the interest calculation? Is it compounded? I saw prome plus 1% but how is it calculated and is there a stautute that expresses it?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
1 answerAdd commentFeb 21, 2020
New JerseyPrompt Payment
I m a subcontractor for Metco landscape doing snow removal plow truck @ ball arena they owe us 34K science Jan 28th they , but we hear we are not the only one with out pay & the dont provide information , but we hear that they will change owner ship promt by the 15 of this Month & not sure what do to secure any think @ this point...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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ColoradoPrompt Payment
Hi, we did a commercial job in phases, the first phase went ok but last june we started the last phase and did some work between june and december 2021 that havent gotten paid for. we were hired directly by the owner. no formal contract, just proposals and she would just accept and sign them. we hired an attorney in januarry 2022 to file a mechanical lein, the mechanical lien was filed and we sent her notices but we havent hear anything yet . the construction is not completed and we have an open permit with the city for the irrigation system that we cant close becuase the job isnt done yet. I want to know if there is anything that we can do to "enforce" the lein or get her to pay for the work that has been done....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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