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i’m a drywall contractor and im 80% done with the project i just got fired from. homeowner all of a sudden comes in and accuses me of trying to cash a false check under his name (which i most certainly didn’t) and yells at me to pack up all my stuff and leave his property and that i’m done. i ask why and he says bank called him to inform him that my wife tried to cash a false check coming from him but my wife has no clue what he is talking about. makes me get all my tools, scaffolding, ladders, planks, etc. out of his house and tells me that i’m done. i told him it wasn’t true what he accused us of but it doesn’t change anything. ...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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ColoradoPrompt Payment
I have been working on a 12 unit project where multiple owners will be involved. How should I go about noticing and filing with a project where I was hired by the developer of the building who has already sold two units? ...Read More
Celedonio Velez
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WashingtonPrompt Payment
If I am self financing a vacation home is it common to have the construction funds deposited with a trustee and distributed by the trustee as invoices and work is approved by the homeowner?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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KentuckyPrompt Payment
What is the MAXIMUM DEPOSIT DOWN for a Contractor to charge for a house siding job in MISSOURI. . . the entire estimate was 8200.00 Job. I was asked for 75% down. 25% on completion. I felt this a bit Unreasonable. . . & very HIGH!! ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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MissouriPrompt Payment
Anonymous Contractor
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New JerseyPrompt Payment
In California, can a Owner of a private project hold a progress payment to a GC because they have not received unconditional waivers (GC & Subs) from the previous months pay application? My Owner is continuously late on progress payments and they are claiming that they do not have unconditionals from the previous month. I (the GC) cannot supply the unconditionals in time because payment is always late. This is a self-perpetuating problem. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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CaliforniaLien WaiversPrompt PaymentSlow Payment
I subcontracted to an HCR Mail Carrier to cover her delivery route via verbal agreement for $100 per day. I have since found out that the average rate is $250 per day. But that is really irrelevant. She has since refused to pay the full amount she owes me saying that her total rate is $100 per day and that she did not say that is what she would pay me specifically. So because they had to bring in other mail carriers to train me because of her sudden accident prevented her from doing so; I would have to split that $100 per day with the people that trained me. That it is not her responsibility to pay them above and beyond the $100 per day that she agreed to pay me. Now this is not an exact number, but I believe she still owes me a minimum of $500 and she is refusing to pay me. What do I do? ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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WyomingConstruction ContractMechanics LienPrompt Payment
A siding contractor installed nw aluminum facia and rain gutters, plus did some stucco repair work. The charge is 18k. I received it 2 weeks ago Money I expected to pay him has been delayed. Do I legally have 45 days to pay the bill, without penalty? Thanks Dave ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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UtahPrompt Payment
Does the Prompt Payment law apply to the Owner, If the agreement is between the Contractor and Subcontractor. In other words, what is the time limit regarding the owner, if the contract between the contractor and subcontractor has been satisfied?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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FloridaPrompt Payment
They call me and have me repair their auto shop equipment I also have estimates that were given and ok'd to go forward and order parts and they were never altered afterwards the prices given are the prices they were charged. Also the terms are stated due upon receipt these receipts were signed. I also have emails stating payments are past due and I also have text messages these invoices would be paid. The customer did pay for jobs on one location that his son runs but none of the other shops I did work at were paid. Its amazing this person is in business let alone about 20 locations. I cant believe he has any servicer willing to do work for him. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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New JerseyPrompt Payment
Dear Sam *****, The purpose of this letter is to demand payment of money owed regarding your Account under the Prompt Payment Act. As of May 25, 2021 your incurred charges to your Account with us by purchasing shop equipment repair parts and services rendered. The current balance of this account is $17,469.04. As you can see by the enclosed copies of the Open Invoices, you are now past due in making payments. Demand is made upon you for full payment of the following. Total amount due: $17,469.04 If payment is not made by August 31, 2021, legal action to enforce your obligations under the Prompt Payment Act may be taken. Please give this matter your utmost attention. This is the address that you listed and is the address that I will be using to correspond with you unless I am given updated information; which I have not been given up to this point. You may contact me if you have any questions or need additional information. I can be contacted by phone at 18566557145. I can be contacted via e-mail at Sincerely, Jason Sikorski Automotive Equipment Sales and Service 9 8th Ave. Glendora, NJ 08029 How is this for notice of intent for prompt payment act ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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New JerseyPrompt Payment
we're a sub contractor, (Electrical) that just took on a large union project that is being billed out at T&M. How do we insure prompt timely payments? Can we request a payment bond be posted?...Read More
Anonymous Sub-Subcontractor
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New JerseyPay ApplicationsPrompt Payment
Can a contractor require full payment of payment and performance bonds before paying a sub-contractor a draw?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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North CarolinaPrompt PaymentSlow Payment
I have a customer that is refusing to pay and also is refusing to allow me to retrieve my tools still on site. ...Read More
Derek Williams
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KentuckyPrompt Payment
The contract states “Such alleged damage will not allow customer to delete, delay, or alter payment schedule of the contract.” There is only a small amount due and I’m concerned the contractor will deny responsibility of the damage. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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CaliforniaPrompt Payment