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Hi, I need advice on a scenario. If there is a dispute over the satisfactory of a job done by a subcontractor, how is it resolved? I know a subcontractor who did lawnmowing work for a contractor in Montana. The contractor is several weeks late on paying the subcontractor and is now claiming the job was not done well, as well as claiming subcontractor will owe him money for the cost of a company he hired to fix the job. There was no prior complaint of unsatisfactory work until The late payment was brought up. There are also witnesses, including the clients, to vouch for the quality of the job done. The only person claiming poor quality of the lawn mowing jobs is the contractor himself who is refusing to pay. What do you recommend?...Read More
Kimberly Tuttle
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MontanaPrompt Payment
Can a contractor on public works projects in PA Be paid delivered materials. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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PennsylvaniaPay ApplicationsPrompt Payment
I am an immigrant working construction and have not been paid 3319 dollars what can I do ? ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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New JerseyPrompt Payment
Hello! We are a fence contractor and have completed a project for a client over 2 weeks ago. A couple sprinkler lines were damaged in the install - we have already agreed to repair those lines but the customer is withholding payment for the second half of the fence until the sprinkler lines are repaired. Are they able to do this? And can we charge late fees? ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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ColoradoPrompt Payment
I am spending 31,000 on a project for an insurance claim. The restoration company, ATI, has already charged me the deductible, 2500, and I thought they would just charge me the rest when they were done. They are requesting 17,000 partial payment now. What should I do? Thanks, Homeowner Steven Carnie...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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CaliforniaPrompt Payment
I got a construction job done yesterday and the contractor is urging me pay today. How long do I legally have to pay him?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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MassachusettsPrompt Payment
We have a general contractor that has not paid us since Feb. and the job is now completed and they plan to take occupancy next week. They say they have not been paid from the owner yet. What can we do?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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KansasPrompt Payment
Some customers make payment via insurance checks and personal checks for partial amount of payment. If I cash these checks, am I waiving my lien rights or waiving the rest of payment owed to me? Can I cash these checks to utilize for cash flow and still pursue the rest of payment. ...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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VirginiaCollectionsPrompt PaymentRecovery Options
I currently have an attorney working on my Mechanics liens, and as you state in the information above, the Construction Manager is trying to skirt his way around paying the final payments due for work completed as expected by dragging us into court now by having the Complaints filed, etc. The amount owed to me of additional work/scope is significant, in addition to the final payments being withheld (they want me to sign lien waivers which would make it impossible for me to then bill for the extra labor & materials). In Illinois, do I have the right to file a Prompt Payment at the same time as we are in legal proceedings? IL does allow for free mediation between both parties and their attorneys, however, defendant refuses this option. Thanks!...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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IllinoisConstruction ContractMechanics LienPrompt Payment
We have an airport construction project in which some of the labor is being performed by a local, minority company. The GC has not paid us for their work since November. Doesn't California have a prompt pay law especially for certified MBEs/DBEs/SBEs? Thank you!...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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CaliforniaPrompt Payment
Hi, Who is responsible to pay subcontractors if the general contractor has not paid them? I have a sunroom project that I am getting done through a contractor. Also, we have paid in full for the sunroom project. We recently came to know through a friend that they received a bill directly from the subcontractor since the contractor has not paid them. How can I avoid this situation, we live in NC? We are still in the process of completing our sunroom project and do not want to get any suprises. Also, we came to know recently that the contractor we hired is unlicensed. P.s. - The subcontractor for electrical was initially someone else but since that guy left the project, our contractor got a new subcontractor to finish the electrical. Thanks, Lakshmi...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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North CarolinaPrompt Payment
We entered into contracts for work with West Shore LLC for projects in Gainesville and Melbourne, FL. The work has been completed per the contract and the customer has not paid in full. We liened the jobs and still haven't received payment in full. The customer has sent partial payments randomly. We have an attorney sending demand letters. The latest demand letter draft references interest on past due payments in the amount of 1.5%, which is the standard amount listed on our project proposals. The customer signed our proposal for a couple of the jobs but we have contracts on 2 others. The executed contracts state "Payments due and unpaid under the Contract Documents shall bear interest from the date payment is due at the legal rate prevailing at the place of the project." We want to know the legal amount we can charge on past due payments. ...Read More
Phillip Young
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FloridaPrompt Payment
It is legal in California, to say that an invoice will not be paid if received after 90days, for any of your related vendors performing work on your behalf?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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CaliforniaPay When PaidPrompt PaymentRecovery Options
when on a government job (In this case the san francisco Jail kitchen remodel) the GC refuses to submit a sub contractors invoice(SOV) for payment. So the Sub cannot get paid. Citing frivilous reasons. What legal action can that sub take to get paid for work already completed. And what can that sub take to make sure the next month that GC cannot repeat that action? ...Read More
Greg Barnes
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CaliforniaPrompt Payment
I own a Janitorial business in Virginia. I have a client that I have a contract for cleaning their office complex 5x a week for three years now . And I supply Toilet paper, hand towels and soap on a reimbursement agreement. They are currently 90 days behind. Blaming it on the USPS. Id like to recover my Money before I give notice to quit. What to do?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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VirginiaPrompt Payment