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A Millwork Company Uses Materials Financing to Jumpstart Jobs

Mesh’s partnership with Levelset allowed this fast-growing millwork company to jumpstart 28 unique jobs over the course of nine months to gain control of their cashflow, take on new projects, and grow their business. Since working with Levelset, the company has decreased stress and increased confidence with the security of Materials Financing and lien rights management.

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About Mesh
Industry: Millwork Fabrication
11-50 employees Employees

The History

Mesh has been providing millwork services since 2007, but as the company grew, so did the need for more cash to pay for materials at the start of their jobs. Mesh experienced issues with the gap between receiving customer payments and the need to buy materials for upcoming projects, and this caused some friction in their cash flow.

The Changes

In search of a cash flow solution, Mesh partnered with Materials Financing to solve the issue of expensive upfront materials costs. Since the partnership began, they’ve been able to start new jobs without the worry of depending solely on customer payments due to Levelset’s 120-day repayment terms. Mesh is now able to take on bigger projects with less stress and more financial security through Materials Financing.

"If you work in the millwork industry or another similar line of business where materials are expensive, Levelset is a great option for materials financing if you need more time between purchasing materials and actually receiving payments from clients.”

Vivian Bell, Accountant at Mesh



Projects Enabled in 9 months

The Solutions

“I think it’s awesome that we get up to 120-day payment terms with Levelset, because sometimes it can be 45 or even 60 days before we get payment from the customer.”

Vivian Bell, Accountant at Mesh

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