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Fire Pros: Case Study

Using Software to Reduce Stress and Payment Issues

In 2018, Fire Pros partnered with Levelset to protect themselves against nonpayment and reduce the workload of their small finance team. Today, they attribute a significant reduction in their accounts receivable debt and substantial workflow efficiency improvement to Levelset.

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About Fire Pros
Industry: Fire Safety
75-100 Employees

The History

Since 1984, Fire Pros has been a leading provider of fire protection services in Michigan. They started out as a mom-and-pop type shop, but the more their business expanded, the more clear it became that the tradition of shaking hands and taking someone’s word for payment protection wasn’t going to cut it. The company tried to manage their lien rights manually, but quickly found that because each employee within their finance department wears multiple hats, it would’ve required another full-time employee to do so.

The Changes

Knowing there had to be a better way to do things, Steve Martinez, the Accounts Receivables Manager at Fire Pros, set out on a search and found Levelset. The company implemented Levelset’s Lien Rights Management Software, and quickly saw a massive increase in their finance team’s efficiency. Soon thereafter, they noticed payments were coming in a much more timely manner, and that they weren’t having to track down customers like they had been. 

The great thing about Levelset is that it does all of the busywork for us, like filing notices and tracking deadlines. As a small business, it's incredibly helpful to be able to operate with such timeliness and efficiency. Levelset is key for us because it allows us to focus on other important business instead of doing tedious research, and other things like that.

Steve Martinez, Accounts Receivable Manager at Fire Pros

The Results


Decrease in Outstanding Balances


Increase in Personnel Efficiency

$2M to $1M

in Accounts Receivable Debt

The Solutions

We decided to use Levelset's collection letter template to send to a customer we couldn't get a hold of. They responded that same day, and paid us within a week.

Steve Martinez, Accounts Receivable Manager at Fire Pros

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