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Chabert Plumbing: Case Study

Plumbing Company Leverages Lien Rights to Work on Bigger Jobs

Since 2007, Chabert Plumbing has provided plumbing subcontractor services to the Austin area for residential and commercial purposes. In the fall of 2020, Kim Fannin, their office manager, started to protect their lien rights on jobs, and getting paid seemed to get easier overnight. Since partnering with Levelset, the company has watched payment times drop and personnel efficiency soar.

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About Chabert Plumbing
Industry: Plumbing
25-50 Employees

The History

Before Levelset, Kim constantly dealt with the pain of chasing down payments on top of dealing with her day-to-day billing and office management tasks. At that time, they used an accounts receivable spreadsheet to track payments, but it was clear to Kim that it was inefficient. As a small business with big projects, she knew that they needed a way to better protect themselves against nonpayment– a way to let those they worked with know that the “little guy” couldn’t be pushed around– as well as a way to take busywork off of her plate.

The Changes

After deciding to use Levelset to send notices on more jobs, they’ve seen payments come in much more quickly and feel confident in their risk management. In fact, Chabert Plumbing now has the confidence to work with bigger contractors because they know with Levelset’s backing, they are always going to get paid. At the end of the day, Levelset is helping Chabert Plumbing run their financial operations more efficiently which means they can take on bigger jobs.

When you’re a business owner or an employee at a company like ours, you have a lot on your mind. You have projects with deadlines, you’re working with tons of other contractors, you’re dealing with employees, and trying to get new clients. It’s a lot. So, to have a company like Levelset looking over your shoulder and making sure you’re getting paid – that’s priceless.

Kim Fannin, Office Manager at Chabert Plumbing

The Results


Jobs Protected in 1 Year


Job Details Verified

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

The Solutions

Levelset has given us the confidence to take on bigger jobs because we know that we’re going to get paid. There’s not even a question that we’re going to get paid, because we know that with Levelset’s backing and Levelset’s help, we’re going to get it done.

Kim Fannin, Office Manager at Chabert Plumbing

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