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Pueblo Mechanical & Controls: Case Study

Simplifying the Lien Rights Process While Acquiring New Business

Over the last few years, Pueblo Mechanical has been growing quickly and acquiring new companies. The increase in job volume and expansion into new states is exciting, but can complicate the process for collecting pay, exchanging lien waivers, and protecting lien rights. However, Meghan Caramella, the company’s collections specialist, now uses Levelset to streamline these tasks and make acquisitions easier.

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About Pueblo Mechanical & Controls
Industry: HVAC & Plumbing
180-220 Employees

The History

With more jobs comes more lien rights paperwork and with expansion into new states comes new lien rights regulations. Keeping track of all of this can get tricky, and take away a ton of time from an already busy team. As the company experienced fast-paced growth, they realized they needed to consolidate and automate collections work so they could operate more efficiently. 

The Changes

Implementing Levelset simplified Pueblo’s lien rights paperwork process exponentially. Now, all Meghan had to do was enter basic job information into the platform, then rest assured that the notices for every location would be taken care of. It’s also easier for Meghan to ensure compliance as DBA (Doing Business As) names change for the companies they acquire. At the end of the day, keeping paperwork compliant and cash flow positive is much more efficient. 

We’re using Levelset to smooth out the transition process with the legal names of companies and when we can or can’t use DBAs on the account. In Levelset, we’re able to consolidate that process around lien rights paperwork even as we’re still navigating these different business names until we’re able to streamline under one name."

Meghan Caramella, Collections Specialist at Pueblo Mechanical & Controls

The Results


Jobs Protected in 3 Years


Confirmed Job Details


Documents Sent in 2 Years

The Solutions

Levelset allows us to protect our rights on a bigger scale which is extremely beneficial. It really frees up my time and also my superiors’ time. We all know the feeling of having too much on our plates, and it has been very beneficial to know that our lien rights paperwork is being taken care of without that level of micromanaging that it would’ve needed otherwise.”

Meghan Caramella, Collections Specialist at Pueblo Mechanical & Controls

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