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CSI Electrical Contractors: Case Study

Automating Lien Rights Management to Manage Business Growth

Since 1990, CSI Electrical has been a leader of highly technical and innovative electrical design and construction in California. Due to a tremendous amount of growth, in 2017 Director of Project Controls Louie Trujillo and his team implemented Levelset to improve efficiency, ensure accuracy in their lien rights management process, and to protect all of their receivables as they continued to expand. Now, CSI views Levelset as an essential tool in their daily operations.

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About CSI Electrical Contractors
Industry: Electrical
900-1100 Employees

The History

Prior to implementing Levelset, CSI used a service provider to manage their preliminary notice policy, and the process was extremely manual. Even though they tried to organize paperwork in files, Louie found it difficult to keep track of whether or not a notice had been sent. Sometimes, they even went unpaid because they didn’t submit a waiver. Because the tedious process resulted in errors, increased risk, and nonpayment, Louie began searching for a more organized solution, and found Levelset.

The Changes

Louie and his team now use Levelset’s automated lien rights software to send preliminary notices. They simply set a rule in their account that allows for a preliminary notice to be automatically created for any job over a certain dollar amount, and let the software take it from there. Managing lien rights online also helps Louie and his team efficiently manage lien waivers so that nothing holds up payments. Ultimately, the financial professionals at CSI have seen their workflow efficiency significantly increase, and their financial risk decrease. 

Of all the platforms we’ve purchased, Levelset is the best decision that I’ve made. If you’re looking to save time and efficiency, it’s a fair price. And, if you’re sending any large amount of preliminary notices, I would say it’s a no brainer.

Louie Trujillo, Director of Project Controls at CSI Electrical

The Results


Documents Sent in 10 Years


Confirmed Job Details


Jobs Protected

The Solutions

Lien Rights Management Software

Our cloud-based, lien rights management platform allows you to seamlessly protect lien rights, track deadlines, file paperwork, and ultimately ensure payment on every job. 

  • Send your notices and lien waivers in bulk 
  • Receive alerts about upcoming paperwork deadlines 
  • Track all documents in a centralized, online location 
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If we’re seeing payments coming in faster, it’s because with Levelset, we’re not failing in submitting our waivers. Our waivers are sent more efficiently because our billing process is set up so that when our customers bill us, they send the conditional. Once a customer pays, we have a report and we’re going into Levelset to create the unconditionals and send those out. It’s a really simple process.

Louie Trujillo, Director of Project Controls at CSI Electrical

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