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Brewer Crane and Rigging: Case Study

An Industrial Supplier Makes the Case for Using Software to Get Paid Faster

Brewer Crane and Rigging is a California-based construction company that provides mobile crane rental, rigging, trucking, and construction services on commercial projects. Brewer Crane partnered with Levelset in 2019 to help streamline the process of tracking deadlines, payments, and paperwork.

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About Brewer Crane and Rigging
Industry: Crane Equipment rental and Services
70-100 Employees

The History

Brewer Crane’s administrative assistant, Janelle Morrow, was experiencing challenges throughout the payment collection process. Because Janelle and her team have a high volume of projects all starting at different times, the amount of deadlines and payment tracking was becoming time-consuming and too difficult to manage. 

The Changes

Since partnering with Levelset, Brewer Crane has benefited from automated notice reminders, the ability to send notices faster, having one place to track payment, and a team of experts to help along the way. Levelset has helped simplify the process of collecting payments and protecting lien rights for Janelle and her team so that they know exactly what their document deadlines are at all times, allowing them to focus on other tasks. Through this partnership, Brewer Crane has also been able to find better communication with their customers and less payment challenges.

Now I can more easily direct customers by pointing to highlighted areas on the notice. I can direct people on the form to help them understand what they’re getting, and it’s just more clearly stated that this is your preliminary notice on the job. Those clients that we would have difficulty collecting payment from aren’t popping up as much. I think our collection time on those particular customers has gone down about 30 percent.”

Janelle Morrow, Administrative Assistant at Brewer Crane and Rigging

The Results


Projects Managed in Levelset in 2.5 Years


Confirmed Job Details in 2 Years


Decrease in Collections Time

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It


The Solutions

Lien Rights Management 

Our cloud-based, lien rights management platform allows you to seamlessly protect lien rights, track deadlines, file paperwork, and ultimately ensure payment on every job. 

  • Send your notices and lien waivers in bulk 
  • Receive alerts about upcoming paperwork deadlines 
  • Track all documents in a centralized, online location 
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Levelset is on point with touching base with clients and following up with clients. I couldn’t be happier. I love Jessica, my customer success manager, and the whole team. Never once have I ever gotten anything but really, really great service.”

Janelle Morrow, Administrative Assistant at Brewer Crane and Rigging

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