The challenge that led to partnering with Levelset 

Jennifer Fudem has been a contract administrator for Rex Moore Group and their sister company since 2016. Her main role at the company is protecting them from financial risk, which leaves her in charge of evaluating contracts and sending out preliminary notices.

Rex Moore Group provides electrical subcontracting services for large projects in California and Nevada, and their sister company does extensive solar renewal projects nationwide, so Jennifer has a high volume of risk-related documents to manage.

Prior to integrating Levelset, Rex Moore’s preliminary notice process included crafting a contract, attaching a preliminary notice information request to it, and sending the notice out manually after taking on a new project of $3,000 or more. However, this process often resulted in the information request getting lost in the shuffle. In those circumstances, Jennifer spent copious amounts of time trying to gather data and was unable to provide sufficient attention to her other responsibilities. 

Levelset’s lien rights management software help users easily organize and keep track of important deadlines.

Life after implementing Levelset

Knowing there had to be a more efficient way to do things, Rex Moore Group found Levelset — a lien rights management software — and was highly impressed with all that this solution could offer, including automation of preliminary notices, reminders for time-sensitive paperwork, and an easy-to-use platform.

“The actions within Levelset are labeled so clearly that all you have to do is put your cursor over something, and it asks what you’d like to do,” Jennifer noted. “As far as training goes, every time we’ve brought someone new into the company, Levelset has been there to set up a half-hour training that’s very to-the-point and effective.”

Soon after implementing Levelset, her preliminary notice process became much more manageable. Jennifer noted that “gathering preliminary data was a huge challenge, but Levelset lifted that burden off of me and I really appreciate that.”

Now, as a long-time user of Levelset, Jennifer has been thrilled by the outcomes it’s provided her and her company with for the past five years.

A new challenge that called for a level-up

However, Jennifer recently encountered a different, unique challenge to overcome. Rex Moore’s sister company was founded in 2011, and when business really began to pick up, gathering job site data for their projects was next to impossible. This is because when they erect solar panels, they’re usually in a field that doesn’t have a designated address. And an address included on your preliminary notice, of course, is a vital part of protecting your lien rights.

“I’d constantly have to try and get in touch with the general contractor on the job to get all of the information necessary for a preliminary notice so that I could get it into Levelset and send it out. That was becoming very frustrating,” Jennifer said.

Because of the time she was having to spend searching for information that was extremely difficult to find, Jennifer was left (yet again) with the issue of not having enough time to designate toward other important tasks. In search of a solution, she reached out to Levelset hoping for an answer — and got exactly what she needed. 

Levelset’s Scout Ultimate provides job information that can be difficult to track down.

Life after leveling up 

The Levelset team recommended Scout Ultimate — a feature that allows the research team at Levelset to pin down hard-to-find information upon request.

“Now, for any job we have that’s over $100,000, Levelset goes and finds the correct information,” Jennifer said. “I no longer have to spend hours trying to track down general contractors to get the information I need. I absolutely love it.”

Scout Ultimate has been indispensable in providing Jennifer with both the confidence of knowing Rex Moore Group’s finances are protected, and the time necessary to execute job duties that require more personal attention. She loves that with any challenge she’s faced, Levelset has been able to provide a complete solution. She let us know that “Levelset has been able to accommodate the way we work with our other platforms, which has been outstanding,” then stated, “if I have any sort of question, I can just go into Levelset, find the tab at the top that applies to what I need help with, and get help with anything I need just like that.” 

Now, whether the work is for a typical electrical job or a solar renewal job in a desolate area, Jennifer’s time is optimized, her stress levels are reduced, and the company is able to thoroughly protect their lien rights on both sides of the business. Jennifer said for her process now, “I just go into Levelset, plug in my project name and address, and everything that I need comes up! All I have to do is click the boxes that apply. It’s night and day. Levelset has completely transformed the preliminary notice process for me.” 

For each challenge she’s come across in her time at Rex Moore Group, Jennifer has been able to find a solution within Levelset, and she couldn’t be happier with it. She works with the confidence of knowing there’s a team that will help her solve for any issue she may come across, and was thrilled to tell us “Levelset has saved me an enormous amount of time. Now, I have more time to focus on my contracts as opposed to searching for information.”

If you’re a contract administrator like Jennifer, or working in any other aspect of construction finance, and you’re looking for a single solution for multiple finance-related challenges, reach out to us so that we can work together to figure out a solution that works best for you

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