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Holman Inc: Case Study

How a Florida Subcontractor Quickly Improved Their Receivables

Holman Inc., is a construction specialties company that has been serving Northeast Florida for almost 20 years, with services ranging from toilet partitions to wall protection. As a result of payment challenges, Holman Inc. began using Levelset in 2020 to send preliminary notices to ensure their lien rights are protected on all projects.

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About Holman Inc.
Industry: Construction Specialties
30-50 Employees

The History

Ellie Holman, the office administrator at Holman Inc., often found herself in situations where payment was owed, but customers simply wouldn’t pay. And because Holman Inc. didn’t have a process for keeping up with Florida’s complex lien rights requirements and deadlines, they were at risk of getting burned.

The Changes

Since Ellie and her team began using Levelset Lien Rights Management software, she’s now easily able to send out a preliminary notice, called a notice to owner (NTO) in Florida, on all projects over $5K. By using Levelset to send notices at the beginning of jobs and track lien paperwork deadlines, not getting paid has become a thing of the past. This has helped to ensure that they always get paid,  which has had a huge impact on the company’s receivables. 

Now more than ever, we’re protecting our payment rights better. We have everything set up correctly in Levelset so that everything is tracked, whereas before, we missed deadlines, often hitting that 90-day mark and not getting notices sent on time.”

Ellie Holman, Office Administrator at Holman Inc.

The Results


Projects Managed in Levelset in Under 2 Years


Documents sent in 1.5 Years


Confirmed job Details in 2 Years

The Solutions

Lien Rights Management 

Our cloud-based, lien rights management platform allows you to seamlessly protect lien rights, track deadlines, file paperwork, and ultimately ensure payment on every job. 

  • Send your notices and lien waivers in bulk 
  • Receive alerts about upcoming paperwork deadlines 
  • Track all documents in a centralized, online location 
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If we wouldn’t have filed the lien, this guy would’ve never paid us. Because we had our lien filed, it held up the whole project and held up everyone getting paid. I had their banks calling me, and we got it worked out. We got our money. But if we didn’t file the lien, he just wouldn’t have paid us.”

Ellie Holman, Office Administrator at Holman Inc.

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