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Regions Facility Services: Case Study

Protecting Revenue in the Midst of a Global Pandemic

Regions Facility Services is a general contracting company that has specialized in remodels, renovations, and build-outs for over 30 years. Shortly after the pandemic struck in 2020, the team at RFS knew they were going to need an effective way to protect all of their payments. Since partnering with Levelset, RFS has not only reduced their financial risk and sped up payments - they've also simplified their entire payment process.

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About Regions Facility Services
Industry: Specialty Contractor
<50 Employees

The History

Although they had historically worked with reliable customers, using next purchase orders as leverage should there be a payment issue, the pandemic brought on new challenges for everyone to navigate. Hal Bolter, the company’s president, did a Google search to see what he could do about slow payments and stumbled upon Levelset. Within a few minutes, he was able to easily file mechanics liens on customers who were suddenly unable to make payments.

The Changes

Since finding Levelset,  Hal has been armed with the  information and options needed to help get RFS paid. Hal found that it was simple and fast to follow up on a Notice to Owner (also known as an NTO or preliminary notice) by filing a mechanics lien. Hal and his team have sent NTO’s to each customer that might present payment risks, and when that has had no outcome, they have filed mechanics liens. Now, no matter what is thrown the company’s way, he doesn’t have to worry about missing out on money the company has rightfully earned.

It took maybe two minutes per document. It was just a click to convert, and then I had to put in the amount of the job and pay. It was easy,” Hal described. “I’m no expert, but I would say that I can’t imagine not using Levelset. You’ve taken something that has a lot of mystery to it and made it easy.”

Hal Bolter, President of Regions Facility Services

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