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Floor & Decor: Bectran and Levelset Integration Case Study

Integrating Bectran with Levelset to Manage High Growth Rate

Named one of the 100 fastest-growing companies by Fortune, Floor & Decor offers a broad selection of hard surface flooring for both residential and commercial purposes. To solve for the numerous challenges associated with rapid growth, Len Brown, their Director of Commercial Credit, decided to integrate Bectran, an all-in-one credit management platform, with Levelset’s lien rights management software.

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About Foor & Decor
Industry: Flooring Services
6,000-7,000 Employees

The History

In his three years at Floor & Decor, Len has witnessed nearly unheard-of growth. So, when the company decided to build out the side of the business that involved credit, he set out to find a way to get ahead of protecting the growing receivable accounts in mid 2021. At that time, Floor & Decor was using a different vendor for their lien rights paperwork, but it wasn’t efficient and created a lot of manual data entry work for Len and his team.

The Changes

As an established user of Bectran, when Len came across Levelset he had the idea to integrate the two softwares and completely automate his credit and lien processes. Now, job information is established within Bectran once, and from that point on, both the credit application and the lien rights processes are streamlined. In only a few months, pairing Bectran and Levelset’s functions has already proven to be vital in executing the tasks necessary to securely and successfully meet the steady rise in customer demand at Floor & Decor. 

At extreme growth rates, there’s a constant battle of being productive enough to keep up with everything. Now that everything is in one system, no one has to deal with excessive data entry, and everyone is immediately up to speed.

Len Brown, Director of Commercial Credit at Floor & Decor

The Results


Less Time Spent on Data Entry


Projects Managed in 5 Months


Confirmed Job Details

The Solutions

It’s an integration of two top-of-class systems that both do a very good job at what they’re designed for– Bectran does a nice job with the credit application piece, and Levelset does a nice job with the lien rights piece, so it’s great to have them work together and be able to transfer information with just one click.

Len Brown, Director of Commercial Credit at Floor & Decor

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