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Ace Insulation: Case Study

How A Company Went from “Scraping by” to “Thriving” in Six Months

Ace Insulation is a full-service, family-owned insulation company based in California. Since opening its original location in 2011 the company has opened two additional branches, but began to run into major slow and nonpayment issues during the pandemic. To solve these challenges, Ace partnered with Levelset in early 2022 and just seven months later is experiencing more success than ever before.

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About Ace Insulation
Industry: Insulation

The History

Amber Lopez, Office Administrator at Ace Insulation, transitioned from working in the field to an office position in late 2021. At that point, there was no established notice process, which resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars lost. But slow and nonpayment weren’t the only problems– retaining employees also seemed nearly impossible to do because of the stress brought on by the overwhelming amount of work to do every day. Ace was sinking, and because of a general lack of funds and its high turnover rate,  the company’s owner and CFO were hesitant to spend anything extra on a possible solution. In early 2022, however, they felt they’d finally established a strong enough team to invest in Levelset Lien Rights Management software in an attempt to save their company.

The Changes

A mere seven months later, Ace has already used Levelset to manage a whopping 800 projects. Amber and her team can now work together seamlessly, which they largely attribute to all of the extra work and stress that Levelset has taken off their plates. Amber can easily send a preliminary notice out for all jobs over $3,000 to ensure Ace is always paid what it’s owed. She also uses Scout Research (in the Levelset platform) to find and verify information, saving her countless hours of research and from the possibility of sending invalid documents. Even more is that she’s only had to threaten a lien once and told us that, “if someone is falling behind, [she] just [has] to send a reminder through Levelset, which really seems to create a sense of urgency in paying Ace.” By implementing Levelset, Ace has been able to take on more and more jobs because of its healthy cash flow and is currently doing better financially than ever before. 

Before Levelset, we were sinking. We were barely getting by. The owner had to use his own money to cover payroll because the company wasn’t getting paid. We were going down. Once we started using Levelset, though, we started to get paid so much faster that we could take on more and more jobs. We’re actually doing the best we’ve ever done in the entire history of this company.”

Amber Lopez at Ace Insulation

The Results


Verified Job Details in 7 Months


Projects Managed with Levelset in 7 Months


Documents Sent in Less than 7 Months

The Solutions

Our owner was a bit hesitant to use Levelset, but after using the software on two jobs, we’d made more than Levelset costs for the entire year.”

Amber Lopez at Ace Insulation

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