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Modular Millwork: Case Study

Growing a Construction Business from $6M to $40M in 2 Years

Modular Millwork is on the path to fast revenue growth, thanks to CEO and investor Joseph Ripp. By implementing risk management tools and lien rights management software, Joe is successfully bringing the business to new heights.

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About Modular Millwork
Industry: Millworking
South Carolina
<100 Employees

The History

Joe Ripp knows business, which is clear from his robust career. Similar to any other industry, Joe believes risk management takes priority. He found Levelset while trying to get a general contractor to pay his company what they were owed. No matter what they tried, they got no response from the GC. Joe knew that a $40 million company wouldn’t chase payments like this, so he began to research ways to more sufficiently protect Modular Millwork against risk and nonpayment. 


The Changes

Upon finding Levelset, he was sure it was exactly what they needed to catch risks before they happened. Between the streamlining of lien rights paperwork, the ability to assess credit risk of a given company or contractor, and the option to find accurate data for those involved on a job, Joe firmly believes Levelset offers what no other software or company does. He’s already seen vast improvements in efficiency and risk management, and is confident that with the help of Levelset, he and his team will be able to reach the goal of turning a $6 million company into a $40 million company by the end of 2023, if not sooner.

Levelset gives me insights that the contractor and the owner seem to be paying their bills, things are moving well, and no liens are filed long before I arrive on site to build cabinets. This gives me the information that is absolutely necessary for me to assess credit risk. Prior to Levelset, I couldn’t find this type of information anywhere. So for me, this is the perfect solution.

Joe Ripp, CEO of Cannondale Capital Investors

The Results

100% Increase

in Financial Security

26 Projects

Managed in 4 Months

The Solutions

I can’t imagine a small contractor not using Levelset because without it, they have no way of assessing the financial risk of what they’re engaging in... Levelset collects information of everyone involved in the process, and that wisdom gives incredible insights that aren’t available anywhere else.

Joe Ripp, CEO of Cannondale Capital Investors

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