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Construction Lien to Foreclose on

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Good morning, We have a number of homeowners who had us do full remodels on their second homes which owe us money, we want to file to foreclose on each house. Please guide us what is an average timeframe from day one today to Foreclose? We can and will File Construction Lien on each house today & serve Notice to Owners in person today. Thank you Gary 954-464-7714

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Jun 7, 2023

There is no average time for various reasons. For example, if the claim is $50,000 or less the lawsuit can be brought in county court. Usually those cases go through the system faster than in circuit court. A rule of thumb is that a county court case should be concluded in 9-12 months while a circuit court case is 12-18 months. The complexity of the case is the major factor in how long you are in court. Since you mentioned it, if you have a direct contract with the owner a notice to owner is not required to perfect your lien rights.

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Jun 7, 2023

All the owners passed away from health problems & NO PROBATE has been done by any Family.

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