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Lien filed in excess of contract – valid?

Our company has an executed contract with a client to perform work, and to bill same on a time & material basis. The contract has...

Understanding Conditional/Unconditional and Final Payment release

Hello. My company is trying to receive payment for a construction job. The GC is requesting two lien releases: 1. Unconditional Waiver and Release Upon...

I did roofing at one address for 5 days my pay was to be $120 a day I also did masonry at another address for 1 day at the same pay rate. The guy that hired me as a laborer has not paid me and keeps telling me to be patient. (Hes paid the other laborers who are hispanic but not me I am white if that makes a difference) I dont really understand how to go about this. I have the addresses so now do I look up the owner?

That is my girlfriends number my phone is off because I have no money to pay it until this guy who hired me pays me!

In Nevada, can you lien a project for a restocking fee?

We are a material supplier who ordered material for our customer (the subcontractor) per the customers instructions. The material was special order and was about...

What kind of precautions we can take to protect ourselves if we order the materials and the job falls through?

We have accepted a contract for a federal project and it will cost quite a bit to start up. I am wondering what kind of...

when do you file for a pre-lien in Nevada? Do you send it back with the signed contract?

We are a new company in Nevada. I understand a pre-lien needs to filed in order for a lien go have any leverage. When is...

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