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How to lien a pcw from Oregon repair shop to a Washington resident to a

I’ve finished fixing waverunner and have lots of time and money invested and no sign of owner. I’ve sent certified mail and recorded at courthouse...

What are the steps to lien a PwC that’s from Washington and my shop is in Oregon.

I’ve got $675 IN parts and $800 in labor working on a seadoo (waverunner). I’ve sent certified letter stating I was going to lien this,...

We are incorrectly listed as the owners on a mailing re: 13017 SE Raymond St., Portland, OR. The Reference # is 2395567. We will put the mailing in the mailbox there, but do not think anyone lives there now.Arden and Fran Collins

Ref # 2395567

Subcontractor asking for release of retention before my portion of the work has been completed

I have a subcontractor who continues to ask me about getting paid on retention. Their portion of the work is complete however we are not...

How quickly are we added to the court docket if we file lawsuit to Enforce Lien

Lien was filed 3/5/19 and we have to file our lawsuit by 6/26/19 or our lien expires. We want to file to enforce but don’t...

Can I be forced to provide a notarized lien waiver form in Oregon?

I would prefer to deliver lien waivers without having to get them notarized. Having to go get them notarized just adds time until I get...

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