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how to fill out waiver form

I’m not sure what i put for property name? is that the job site i will be doing ? or the company that will pay...

Construction Contract Question

We signed a contract with a contractor to do a home remodel on my in-laws home. We do not hold any legal or equitable title...

Can I sue for breach of contract and ask for loss of wages and damages?

I had an oral contract with a customer who I renovated a kitchen for. I purchased all material. We also had everything in text messages....

Can a lien be placed upon a property for failure to pay for a water service provided. UTAH

Utah Non-profit, mutual water company-501C12. Whispering Pines Water Company provides culinary water to 132 properties – A shares. B share owners (131) get their water...

If I signed a Lien Waiver on a project, can I still place a Lien?

I didn’t get paid for paint from the owners, but I signed a lien waiver with them. I owe money to sub contractors that I...

We placed a preliminary and then filed a lien on a property in Hope’s to get paid. The owner paid the contractor, but the contractor did not pay us a dime yet. What is our next step to be able to get paid?

We are a subcontractor that did cabinet work for a dental office and did not get paid. The contractor kept telling us, he was getting...

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