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I’m an Architect who hasn’t been “paid in full” for commercial tenant improvement drawings provided to my Client who has leased a retail space in a shopping Mall, can I file a lien on her business and her local bank account?

My Client lives in Italy, but has a local business address and local bank account She has leased a 2100 sf space in a major...

As a contractor in California are there any issues with using an esign service for my contracts?Thanks

I would like to start using an online service for signing contracts

How do I find out the owners of a property

I need to file a prelien

Take 60% Cash or Take a “Bond Off”

Clean Cut Concretee is a Levelset customer. Desiree is our ccount manager. Project is called Tru Fusion. General Contractor has not paid. Lien filed. GC...

what are your prices?

I want to know what your prices are for your services

We have been asked to revise a conditional progress release to remove the exceptions that were on the first one. Is it appropriate and are we obligated to do this?

A conditional progress release was issued with exceptions as the previous months invoices were not paid. They have since been paid and the customer is...

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