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what is the difference between a 20 day preliminary notice and a pre lien

Im in accounting wanting to apply for a job in construction in which I’m familiar with liens and so on. Its just been a minute...

Can I still place a lien at the end of a project if prelimary lien notices were not issued

Completed a project that was substantially completed earlier this year where we requested the final invoice to be paid. They were past their 30 days...

In az Can a laborer put a lien on a property for payment of work he never did. And is all hearsay?

I’m framing a home for an owner builder. Him and I have a contract. I’m not a contractor myself, I had a guy help me...

Paid When Paid Clause in Arizona

ACCRAM INC is a licensed Low Voltage Cabling contractor in Arizona. We have a contract with a GC/Developer with a “paid when paid” clause. We...

What type of conditional waiver should I use if the customer is making a 50% down payment and then 2 additional payments for a project?

Hello, I am looking to send a Conditional waiver to a customer. I am not sure if I should use the final payment or progress...

i am a diesel mechanic. i did work on a truck for a customer. he paid half of the bill and does not seem to want to pay the balance. is this the right process for me to put a lien against his truck?

i am a diesel mechanic. i have a small business i do mobile mechanic work at peoples location. i worked on a truck for a...

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