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Idaho Construction Legal Form FAQs

Idaho’s unique laws can make getting paid a challenge. These FAQ pages are a great place to learn the basics and continue your journey to becoming a payment hero.

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Idaho lien &
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Recent questions and answers about Idaho payment

after filing a lien with level set what do i do now?

I'm a subcontractor who was not paid 13,000 from a general contractor. i thought level set was going to help me place the lien however i feel i was lied to by them as well because now i am finding out that i have to get a...

How to dispute a lien?

I just received a claim of lien on my property. There are many things wrong with this. The lawn company was supposed to perform the work in March 2021 and never showed. A couple weeks into April we came home and the work was done, being generous...

Disclosure required

We placed a lien on a property we worked on recently due to lack of payment. The customer has now served us, claiming we may be violating Idaho code 45-525. If this is required, we may just be doing that as I never completed this form. We...

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