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If a sub contractor files a lien, and doesn’t contact me for payment after filling date will the 6 month deadline be enforced and the lien then no longer valid

Sub agreed to a price , then framed home out of level refused to fix correction. We then hired another sub to fix, he did....

lien info

If i get a lien against the person owing me on my tractor repair, how strong is the possibility of getting my money even with...

can i file a claim for tractor repair?

I performed extensive repair on a farmall tractor and the owner sneaked in when i was gone and took the tractor now i want to...

Can I perfect my lien in small claims court?

I filed a mechanics lien about a month ago (within 90 days of completion), getting ready to sue in small claims court. for rehab work...

can a mechanical lien in the state of idaho lead to forclosure if it does not get paid

had a partnership written up to flip a home I used my money to buy and the person on the agreemend would fo all the...

I need to file a lien against a family member on their share of property on which I reside.

My brother owns 25% interest in the property I live on. He has paid nothing in 12 years and now wants to move on to...

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