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Can I still file a lien even though it has expired...Read More
Margie Steinmeyer
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still havent been paid after 3 years...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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I'm a subcontractor that was working on a job in Oklahoma. We left the job because we had multiple invoices that had not been paid. The Subcontractor that we were under said they had placed a claim on the bond of the contractor. This was back in March and our deadline to place a lien on the property is now 2 week expired. What are our options to help get paid? The last day the guys where on the job was back in February. They owe us $60k+ plus late fees. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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OklahomaBond ClaimsMechanics Lien
We are an HOA, and had a contract agreement with a pool vendor, part of our contractual agreement included the closing of the pool at the end of the swim year. Due to poor performance by the vendors, the board decided to do the "pool closing" on its own. The Vendor was notified, in writing of this intent, and is service was not required. The pool was closed on September 15, after the pool was closed the vendor, on September 2nd sent the HOA a bill for the pool closing, as well as other chemical costs. The Vendor was notified the pool closing was not performed by him and therefore the billing was disputed and would not be paid. Despite his use of his own chemical, which was in violation of the working contract the chemical costs were paid, but the remaining $900 dollars plus late fees we disputed as the service was not performed. The Vendor filed a lien on the common areas on January 3, how should we proceed? Should we file a Notice of contested lien, etc?...Read More
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OklahomaLien Foreclosure
when a subcontractor does a terrific job and you want to thank them by paying them a safety bonus, how is it calculated (shown as a payment or other?) what is the tax benefit? ...Read More
Rhonda Wray
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My Company is a US based company with a potential customer and projects in Canada. How do I secure our lien rights in this situation? ...Read More
Tessa Booth
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OklahomaCanadaRight to Lien
If my customer decides to pay his bill after I have requested a lien filing (but before it is complete), can I cancel it?...Read More
Jessica Whitacre
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we have approx $15k in unpaid invoices. What should our next step be? ...Read More
Anonymous Equipment Lessor
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I have done some for a company/ individual who flip houses. I provided my estimate and he agreed to it. He wanted me to get done with my part in 3weeks. I responded by telling him more like 4weeks to complete my portion. Few days/weeks came by the scope changes, work was added and the time line was not met. Homeowner decided it’ll be the best for us to part ways which I than agreed. We agreed on settled amount, than he decided to even lower it, in which I was not comfortable with. Can I put a lien on the property and what happen once I do? ...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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we are a housekeeping company and I need to collect a debt that my client has with my company, 5 months have passed since the last payment received and the debt to date is $15,685, we have tried to collect from them by different means and have not received an answer for us, they do not respond to our emails...Read More
Raul Herrera
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I'm a family member I paid 250 a month for a small room and 300 towards groceries and the only reason I'm asking this is because I wasn't there a couple of nights I slept over my girl friends basically i did some things around the house to help and was taken advantage of. Because the first night I wasn't there when I returned home I was told if they had to pay someone to fix something then I needed to move I was told what to pay in rent and food not to become there personal handy man but we made an agreement on some big jobs they needed done but when I was done they didnt honor there agreement I got nothing but they still got there rent and food money can I file a lien for the work I did??...Read More
Anonymous Property Owner
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OklahomaPayment DisputesRight to Lien
I filed a pre-lien notice today and then the customer paid. Can I cancel the notice?...Read More
Jessica Whitacre
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I'm a subcontractor that and I finished my part of this commercial project back in July and I have yet to be paid. The project was completed a few days ago and they're requesting close out documents retainage, warranties etc. I believe the General Contractor disagrees with my itemized final payment and I believe there may be a breach of contract situation on their part....Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
1 answerAdd commentNov 2, 2022
OklahomaBond ClaimsPayment Disputes
I have a question about the lien process. If a supplier sells to a contractor and the contractor picks up the materials and takes it to the job site (and the contractor does not pay for them) does the supplier have lien rights? Even though they did not furnish/deliver the materials directly to the job site and the contractor did a “willcall”...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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OklahomaConstruction ContractPreliminary Notice
I am a general contractor. I have your schedule of values form. I am about to start a commercial project (I normally do residential) and need this. How do I fill it out to get the first payment with retainage?...Read More
Jim Kelley
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