Guide to filing construction documents in Carter County, Oklahoma

Contractors and suppliers working on a project within Carter County should get familiar with the Carter County Clerk. This is the office that records documents related to the property, including mechanics liens and notices.

This page contains all of the information construction businesses need to file liens and other documents with the Carter County Clerk, including locations, hours, fees, form downloads, and more..

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The mechanics lien rules in Oklahoma can be complex. Before recording a lien in Carter County, read Filing a Lien in Oklahoma: A Step-by-Step Guide to make sure you understand the process, and common mistakes.

Download Carter County Clerk Forms:

Lien FAQs for Carter County

What types of documents can I file at the Carter County Clerk?

This office records a variety of property-related documents, including:
Mechanics lien
Lien release
UCC lien

Which office records mechanics liens in Carter County, Oklahoma?

Filing in person

You can file your Clerk in person at the Carter County Clerks Office, located at:
Carter County Administration Building 25 A Street NW, Suite 203
Ardmore, Oklahoma, OK, 73401

Hours of operation:
Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

If you need more information, you can call them at (580) 223-8162.


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Who can file a lien in Carter County?

If you provided labor or materials on a construction project located in Carter County, Oklahoma, then your mechanics lien should be filed here. However, every state has specific rules about who has the right to file a lien, including notice requirements and specific deadlines. To make sure you are allowed to file a lien, visit the Oklahoma Mechanics Lien Guide & FAQ page.

What is the deadline to file a lien claim in Carter County, Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, your deadline to file a mechanics lien is dependent upon your role in the project. In general:
General contractors have 4 months to file a lien after the last furnishing labor or materials. Subcontractors and suppliers have 90 days to file after last furnishing labor or materials.

What are the Carter County Clerk fees to file a lien?

Here are the costs to file a mechanics lien in Carter County, Oklahoma:
For recording of the lien: $10.00 (includes the fee for release) For preparing and mailing notice of mechanics or materialmen's lien plus the actual cost of postage: $8.00, $5.54 For each additional page or exhibit: $2.00

Recording offices do update their fee structure periodically. We recommend contacting the Carter County Clerk to verify the recording costs, especially before mailing a document.

Visit the Carter County Clerk fees page for the latest information.

How do I release a lien in Carter County once I’ve been paid?

To cancel a lien previously recorded with the Carter County Clerk, you will need to record a lien release.
Lien release fee:

How do I get copies of documents from the Carter County Clerk?

In Carter County, filed documents are public record. Copies of mechanics liens and other property documents are available upon request from the Carter County Clerk.

In person

Carter County Administration Building 25 A Street NW, Suite 203, Ardmore, 73401


Certified copy: $1 per page