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Can I sue a “contractor” for a fraudulent lien that I was force to pay in order to close on my house?

I had a friend’s husband do some electrical work in my fathers house, before we sold it. This house is part of an estate that...

The construction company I hired went bankrupt without my knowledge, they also failed to pay the supplier…an extended lien is being placed on my property. I have paid the contractors but they failed to pay the suppliers. I had no knowledge of their non payment to the suppliers.What are my options, I cannot afford to pays thousands of dollars to remove the lien especially when I have paid the contractors for work that has yet to be complete.

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Can we file a lien more then 120 days after project completion if the General Contractor stopped answering their phones?

Can we file a lien more then 120 days after project completion if the General Contractor discontinued answering their phones? We have not yet spoken...

Liability insurance

I am a handy man. My liability insurance was not renewed due to Colorado being so litigious. Is there a way to right a release...

I would like some help in choosing the appropriate lien to record

My neighbor has their home under contract. They have a tree that has grown over our boundries and is encroaching on our property, it has...

Based on CO lien law & statute of limitations are we able to file a letter of intent and Mechanic’s Lien on the entire job?

We sold material for a job to two separate customer’s. The first customer we last shipped material on 3/26/19 and was fired from the job...

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