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work performed instead of paying rent far outweighs what i would have paid. do i have any recourse to recover this overage amount?

built an addition, was allowed free rent during construction + other benefits with an verbal agreement. we have had a falling out with the owner now that the project is nearing completion and the owner no longer recgonizes work that was completed and is not adhering to our agreement. Can i recover...

how to fill out waiver form

I'm not sure what i put for property name? is that the job site i will be doing ? or the company that will pay me for the job i will be doing for them? also invoice/ payment application number ?is that the number i got from the state for the waiver

Construction Contract Question

We signed a contract with a contractor to do a home remodel on my in-laws home. We do not hold any legal or equitable title or interest in the home. Is there anywhere where it states that a contract like this should be signed by the homeowner and not a party without...

Can I sue for breach of contract and ask for loss of wages and damages?

I had an oral contract with a customer who I renovated a kitchen for. I purchased all material. We also had everything in text messages. I finished the job and moved on to building a 30ft gate and installing. Had not received payment yet for either jobs. She explained she was closing...

Can a lien be placed upon a property for failure to pay for a water service provided. UTAH

Utah Non-profit, mutual water company-501C12. Whispering Pines Water Company provides culinary water to 132 properties - A shares. B share owners (131) get their water from a common spigot and transport water in portable tanks to their properties. To maintain the systems a fee is charged. Some do not pay. Lienable?

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What You Need To Know About Construction Payment in Utah

This page helps you find answers to all of your questions about construction payment in Utah. Learn how documents such as pay applications, notices, contracts, lien waivers, mechanics liens, and more fit into Utah’s construction payment process. Select a document to learn more about how it applies to construction projects in Utah and to see your specific requirements.

It’s essential to exchange these documents when payments are flowing smoothly and when payment problems arise. These resources will help you navigate the payment process, increase visibility and communication, and avoid payment issues. But, if the need arises, they can also help you resolve payment problems and get paid what you earn.

If you need more information or can’t find the answer to a question, you can ask a licensed attorney for free and get a response fast.

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