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Utah Articles

How to File Utah Mechanics Lien
by Alex Benarroche
Oct 31, 2018
How to File a Mechanics Lien in Utah – Step by Step Guide Walkthrough
How to file a mechanics lien in Utah. Mechanics liens are a last resort, but there's no other tool available to the...
Preliminary Notice in Utah
by Peter Menge
Apr 30, 2019
How Do You File a Preliminary Notice in Utah?
Not only is filing a preliminary notice on a Utah construction project required, but the filing method is also different from every...
Retainage on Utah construction projects can be a frustrating practice, but a good understanding of your rights can help ensure you get paid in full.
by Alex Benarroche
Jun 27, 2019
A Guide to Utah Retainage Laws
Utah contractor licensing illustration
by Tom Scalisi
May 07, 2021
Utah Contractor Licensing Guide

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