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As a general contractor, could a statement about the right to lien in the contract itself serve as a preliminary notice to right to lien?

Just a general question to streamline the process if possible

Our company provides environmental consulting. We havent utilized liens before and are unsure if we would qualify?

Our company provides environmental consulting. We currently have a project/client that we would like to protect ourselves with a lien. However, we are unsure if...

Should you automatically file a lien at the end of a project for your retention?

We had a project that ended for us a year ago. We have been hounding the contractor monthly and weekly for our retention. They supposedly...

What happens when a house takes longer to build than 120 days?

In new home construction, I typically do work during the rough building of the home and then again when its time to finish the house....

We were hired to do a job by the super who was overseeing the job for a construction company in Colorado but the job location was in Wyoming. We worked on the job for a short time and sent our invoice in to be paid and have not received payment yet (it has been almost 30 days). I want to file an Intent to Lien but need to know if I need to follow Wyoming lien laws (which is what I think since the property is in Wyoming and technically you are filing on the property not the company who hired us) but am not 100% sure. The problem I have with this is following Wyoming law I should have filed a preliminary notice with the property owner or agent before we did any work, but did not know then. So can I move forward to the Intent to Lien even though no prelim. was sent or should I do the prelim. even though it is after the fact now. Please advise I would greatly appreciate you sharing your expertise on this matter. I will be anxiously awaiting your answer. Cindy

We and the Company contracted to do the work are located in Colorado but the jobsite is in Wyoming which Lien laws must I follow....

How do you handle getting lien waivers notorized?

I work in the Accounting Department of a construction company doing business in California and Wyoming. I see that all unconditional lien waivers must be...

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