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Customer negotiating the total due and willing to Settle for 50% only

I am a new customer for Levelset and I appreciate your services. I wonder if its wise to settle for 50% of what I am...

What project type should I choose?

We build hog buildings and I wasn’t sure which project type I should for setting up my projects.

Are user agreements for home repairs legally enforceable?

In Iowa storm chasers came onto a private mobile home park (unsolicited) and started giving house roof inspections for wind and hail damage. If they...

Owner called about a lien…

We put a lien on a property, ends up the property owner is “First Financial” and they said that it is not legal that a...

Can a homeowner not get his money back if he pays for the invoice and has paid the contractor in the state of Iowa?

We have a contractor that has not paid us, but has been paid by all homeowners. One homeowner is saying that if he pays the...

Lien holder name different than company that is owed for work completed

Signet Builders filed a lien through Zlien and the company name Northridge Construction was used instead (order # 2080452) . Northridge is affiliated with Signet...

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