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Exaggerated Mechanic’s lien.

First question is. Lien was filed more then 1 year ago, contractor never filed legal action. What to do now, how to remove/ release lien...

If I don’t know my total contract amount as there will be multiple deliveries to this jobsite over the next few months, what should I enter as the estimated total contract amount?

I am a material supplier doing multiple deliveries to same job.

The 5 percent retainage is not limited to commercial construction correct?I recently dealt with a contractor that was threatening subs to withhold payments from separate contracted jobs due to problems with different jobs In which they were paid in full on. So my question is, can you legally withhold monies from one contract against another?

My wife works for a roofing company and her boss is asking her to withhold payments from subs on roofs they did in 2017 that...

How do i prevent a contractor from forcing me to overpay because he is threatening liens

I hired a land clearing contractor to clear up some property at a set price during the course of his job I asked him to...

What type of contractor work requires a license in Minnesota?

After being informed by my boss that we are not getting paid for a remodel because the investors were not going to pay, I intended...

Can I put a lien on equipment I am selling?

I am looking to put a lien on equipment that we are selling. We sell paint sprayers that range from $1,000 – $7,000 and I...

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