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I am a joint owner of a property. The other three owners are my siblings. They have refused to pay for association dues, insurance and taxes for two years. I have kept ll there current. The other siblings are wanting to sell the property. The question is can I put a lien on this property for the total expenses paid by myself to insure that I am compensated if the property is sold?

In the description I used the first person. My wife is the actual owner of the property but I am doing the research for her....

Who do I file lien against? Do I file a Nebraska lien on the New York company? How should I go about getting paid?

My issue is…. Subcontracted work for a New York based company who was hired by a national rental car company to do all the low...

Do Nebraska or Iowa only allow so many mechanics liens to be filed in a years time?

We have always been told that in Nebraska the state will only honor 4 liens per year. We are now hearing otherwise and want to...

abandoned car how can i caim it

we did some work on the car the customer has not paid or picked car up so how long until it can be mine to...

Can a contractor who has been paid for there work up to the time they were fired file a lien for lost wages, or time talking with sub contractors?

I fired my contractor after he turned in a bill that was almost 2x what it was supposed to be. He has since told me...

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