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We did an electrical re-wire on a house. The homeowner made payments every few weeks along the way, then stopped making payments about a month before the job was finished. She does not have the funds to pay and is unresponsive. The work ended in May. Can I go ahead and serve the preliminary notice even though I have received partial payment before the job was finished. (The amount remaining is just under half of the total bill.)

I am the contractor. I hired an electrician to do the work.

Can more than one person or business have a lien on the same property

Friend wants to put a lien on his deceased father’s farm because he has been taking off the land and house caught in fire so...

When is the deadline to enforce a Missouri Mechanic’s Lien, or, how long is my Lien effective?In Missouri, an action to enforce a mechanics lien must be initiated within 6 months after filing the lienDoes this mean you have to enforce the lien for payment within 6 month of filing the lien? If you do not do this is the lien still valid?

Lien was filed May 19, 2017. Is it still valid if It has not been enforced? What does it mean to enforce within 6 months...

what do i need to do to get a mechanics lien?

i am a mechanic i had a customer not pay me

Payment for work performed

I was hired to do work on a house when it was halfway finished, they brought someone else in to finish it, When I talked...


I have an academic discussion about acceptable rejection rate. Im looking for best invoicing practices that can assure transparency (for the owner) and fairness (for...

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