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Illinois Construction Legal Form FAQs

Illinois’s unique laws can make getting paid a challenge. These FAQ pages are a great place to learn the basics and continue your journey to becoming a payment hero.

Illinois lien &
payment FAQ’s

Recent questions and answers about Illinois payment

Is this a compensable suit?

I am owed more than $9,000 for a house I was working on. My family contracted Covid and was placed under quarantine. I notified the homeowners about what was happening, they said they didn't care if we were under quarantine, they wanted it finished. I went back...

What if there’s no contract signed from either party?

I’m working for a gc he subs out work to me ,I had originally told him I would quote him by Job but he said that it was too much to work by hour and send him in the hours tooken afterwards,now he don’t want to pay...

i need a atty to collect for me on my mechanics lien..

i was working downtown chicag at the pendry hotel and i was working for a sub and i didnt get paid..the gc new i was not getting paid and said i would get paid if i would continue..

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