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Can a non-licensed contractor apply a mechanic’s lien

I have a situation where I was as to fix a roof on a barn for a lady and the first weeks hours were tallied...

Mechanics Lien

After I retired, someone asked me to remodel a building. Basement, First and Second Floor. The amount I requested when finished is extremely low. Even...

What shoul I do?

I was working on a project in Illinois as a subcontractor. The GC is based in Missouri. I no longer work for the GC. He...

On a standard Chicago Title form partial waiver, how does the “paid through this date” clause on the top half of the waiver affect the lien-ability of retention?

We have an owner that is requiring the date on the top half of the waiver be today’s date, even though the work was completed...

Basement Sealing work

With all the rain here in the midwest. We have worked non stop the past 3 months. Many times we have a verbal consent to...

Verbal approval to a contractor, no written documents were signed Can contract still file a lien in Illinois?.

basement leakage in wall was patched, however wall at base still leaks. Now contractor says the foundation also needed drain tile, as indicated on estimating...

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