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When should a change order be placed in the customer hands? after or before the change order work is done?...Read More
South CarolinaConstruction Contract
The contractor did not finish the job and make up the invalid number, which is different from the contract. They put the lien on my property. What should I do to remove it?...Read More
FloridaConstruction ContractLien Releases
Prime contractor has withheld payment to sub contractor since close of project in June of 2020. Primes contract with city expired in July and needs to be reinstated. Prime contractor failed continuously to submit invoices to city in timely manner, which always delayed progress payments for quantities to us as sub contractor. Prime contractor refuses to do the work to reinstate the contract in order for his business to be paid do that he can pay us as sub(pay when paid contract). What legal remedies do I have ...Read More
ConnecticutConstruction Contract
I just had windows and siding put on my house . They still have to put in a door and shutters. They want to sign off that it is completed so they can get paid, I said I would sign off upon the completion. They told me that they are going to put a lien on my house . Can they do this ?...Read More
MichiganConstruction Contract
Roof repair completed August 6, 2019. Insurance paid 10K and I am billed $9K more. Insurance refuses to disburse balance due. Contractor sent Intent letter to Lien Mobile Home for unpaid bill. Per FL Statute 713, I can withhold monies until Contractor ascertains all people participating on the project have been paid. I sent Certified letter to Contractor asking for a list of subcontractors, sub-subcontractors, suppliers and material-man about 2 months ago. No reply. Yesterday, I sent new Certified letter asking for Contractor's Final Payment Affidavit before I pay final bill to make sure who remain (if any) without pay. Still have not heard from Contractor. Looks to me Contractor wants to file lien without giving me this info. How can I protect myself and properly pay outstanding bill without knowing whom (subcontractors, sub-subcontractors, etc) participated in project, the pay they deserve and if they are paid in full? I need to stop Contractor on its tracks (I am under the impression they probably want to charge me interest charges, like if I am a money printing machine and that's an act of bad faith) and stop further modifications to the filed lien if it goes through. Thank you for your response ...Read More
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Generally, we are a subcontractor for commercial projects. However, we also have a large book of residential business in which a homeowner will work directly with us to accomplish a flooring project. Furthermore, all of our own labor is subcontracted. So, in this case are we considered a General or Materials Supplier?...Read More
MichiganConstruction Contract
After place s lien what else can i do to make then paid me? How long last my mechanical lien?...Read More
FloridaConstruction ContractLien DeadlinesMechanics Lien
In construction If I have a contract that does not include sales tax. As I buy materials at end of project I tally up taxes paid and charge the customer. Sense I paid taxes on purchase of materials do I need to pay any additional taxes in Colorado ...Read More
ColoradoConstruction Contract
My company MS Electric, LLC licensed to perform electrical work in the state of Alabama. MS Electric, LLC also holds a subcontractors license. We completed a job Talladega Gyms and submitted to the general for final payment in order to finish paying our subcontractors and suppliers. Rather than pay my company the general contractor contacted a lawyer. One of my subcontractors and I were in a dispute over work performed. That subcontractor has subsequently filed bankruptcy. Meanwhile I’m making payments out of my personal account. Is It okay for them to do this?...Read More
AlabamaConstruction Contract
We are in the process of building an ADU addition. Home Improvement Contracts require that start and end dates be provided. They also require specified dates for progress payments. How can I add the dates for progress payments if I don't know how long it will be until we get the necessary permits to begin work? Is there a seperate contract I can sign that guarantees we will get the job once we sumbit the applications for permits? Thank you ...Read More
CaliforniaConstruction Contract
We did a masonry job on a residential home that is owned by a company that "flips" houses. the person that hired us is the sole owner of the company that purchased the property. We are able to see through the clerks records that he has recently taken another loan for the construction of the property. We have emails and text messages from the owner saying to meet him on XXX day and he will have a check for us, but never shows up. Now the customer no longer responds to any communication. Since we filed the lien we have attempted to contact the owner and have not received an form of response at all. He has not picked up the certified mail we sent when we filed the lien and we don[t know what to do at this point. I know who is lender is, I just don't know who to ask for to speak with them about this. What do we do now? ...Read More
TexasCollectionsConstruction ContractMechanics Lien
I am a contractor seeking to add more warranty to my jobs...Read More
TexasConstruction Contract
I was hired and have a signed agreement as a subcontractor by a restoration company that holds a GC license. The home was damaged in a fire and the company was hired to complete the entire restoration to the home. They have completed the work except for the covered screen lanai that I was hired to build. They have an NOC and their permit has not been closed out yet. The homeowner has refused to sign a new NOC for the screen enclosure portion of the job. I’m not sure if I should proceed to build the job or not. Also should I send a NTO? I would greatly appreciate some guidance. Thanks!...Read More
FloridaConstruction ContractNotice of Commencement
We have a GC that is holding payment until we provide them with executed contracts from our subcontractors. We have already provided them with notarized lien wiavers from our subs stating they are paid through the date of our pay app and we dont owe them anything. Are we obligated to provide their contracts as well?...Read More
FloridaConstruction ContractLien Waivers
Dear Sir: My name is Robert Tran. My question is if I want to claim for the lost and the surety company requires backup documents. What kind of backup documents are usually required? I have schedule of value and the invoices that are not paid. About 70% of the invoices had been paid already. Thank you for your answer. Robert Tran email: ...Read More
CaliforniaConstruction Contract