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i was awarded a project this monday 26th and was told going i was going to be receiving the container of tile today which is 10-29-20.i scheduled two guys for 7 days .wednesday afternoon i was informed that they wont be needing after all.I told them i spent money and tile and scheduled the guys.PM stated to send him an invoice to make myself whole.I dont know how to word the invoice so i can get paid....Read More
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I'm a NC unlimited General Contractor, but I am about to sign-on as a subcontractor for exterior work on a large commercial project in FL. I am not licensed in FL as a contractor or registered to do business there. I have confirmed with the licensing board that I am not required to obtain a FL GC license or pull any permits as subcontractor. However, before I sign the contract, is there anything I should be concerned with over any payments contractor may withhold for me for not being registered (in NC if you are not unlimited, technically payment for a project/invoice over your license limits may be withheld from you). Thank you. ...Read More
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I am a licensed Professional Engineer in NY State. My client paid a 20% advance for mobilization, permits, etc....Read More
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We are a small construction LLC. I am the owner, but I am still working hands on. I don't have regular employees, all workers are hired under a 10-99 whenever we complete any project. We recently got a contract for a large project and it is the first time we are presented with a 2nd Tier contract. There is so much information and I am just not sure how to interpret it all. I also do not know how to submit certified payroll, payment application, liens. I need help!...Read More
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I am looking for a general contractors agreement cost-plus contract....Read More
FloridaConstruction Contract
I hired a construction company for several projects within my home, beginning with a master bathroom remodel. I paid a deposit (well over the required amount), but the work took several months to reach company's owners and for work to begin - Covid hit, company's owners were out of town on multiple occasions, several funerals had to be attended by company's owners, etc. Work has finally begun, demolition of existing bathroom is complete, plumbing has been rerouted, rough out of new shower has been done and concrete for shower pan has been poured. I had several conversations with the contractor regarding my fear that the design/layout of the project is not going as anticipated and that I'm having reservations about the project overall. I've halted any further work to be done, as I've been notified that this particular contractor may be ill-experienced in this scope of work, and have requested that my deposit be returned, less the amount required for work and labor performed to this point. Am I entitled to receive the remainder of my deposit? There is no language in my signed proposal that makes mention of cancellation. ...Read More
MissouriConstruction Contract
If I work for a Property Management company. (Aka Gallant Building solutions, Lakeside project Solutions). their payment terms are 45 days net, putting me outside of the 30 day window to file a lien in Wisconsin. Is there any laws that pertain to this type of service? What are my options to collect, if building maintenance service fails to pay?...Read More
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I have been sick two years, ear infections, skin ulcers, feeling very ill in own home and car stored in garage. I have a major mold problem due to faulty foundation and building procedures. I have an engineers report and 4 failed air quality tests with Aspergillus Cillin. It took my insurance 8 moths to respond, them they botched the remediation, would not replace goods, accused me of causing the damage and then dumped me. The adjuster opened up a toxic area with no controls and realized I had a foundation issue....stated I had no structural insurance coverage and left it. The home was built in 2016 on a back filled swamp. My foundation is literally sinking. I lost hair again and again. I’m a pretty girl and ended up with a bald spot. My son has had fungal skin infections and dry heaves once and a while when downstairs. I was accused of being psychotic, imagining mold, and attempted to be sectioned. It was a Friday and they rejected it but I got stuck in a mental hospital for 4 days. I came home to a lengthy and expensive custody battle due to this. My finances are ruined, credit ruined, had to throw out half my life. I’m a dental hygienist with 2 state licenses. I worked my whole life to buy this lemon of a home. It’s a 40 B . I have been treated horribly and have nasty texts from the builder. He is already building a development a few towns over. I’m on a back filled swamp and my basement stairs are separating. The engineers report states the situation is dangerous. I need representation ,,,, like yesterday. Please help! I have had to get top psyche evals from a expert mental health evaluator. I still work full time. I fall asleep every night having an asthma attack, I am organized and have lots of professional documentation. I have a referral to an Enviromental DR and will have mycotoxin testing. All help appreciated! Kindly, Mia...Read More
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I filed a lien just over a month ago and have not had any correspond with the homeowner. Is there anything more I can do before my lien expires? My contract with them states we will settle disputes with binding arbitration, Is this my next best step or should I hire a lawyer? Peter...Read More
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I am a general contractor in the state of California and began work with a nonprofit organization in June 2020. The director of the nonprofit has failed to honor the payment schedule that was included in our contract from the beginning of me working with him. At times he would write me a check for half the sums stipulated in the payment schedule, and eventually would give me the rest. Since the first week of July I was due a check of $10, 000.00. when I requested to check he only gave me $4, 000.00 of that sum. I did not want to display distrust in my client and I've been patient with him and the breaches of payment schedule before so I went ahead and continued constructing. When I was in need of the remainder $6,000 of the $10,000 schedule payment he began denying me the funds saying that he was unhappy with our attendance to his site based on what he had already paid me. You never proceeded to say that I must be siphoning the money to other projects and that because of this he wanted to buy materials personally and pay myself and my employees our wages daily. I send four emails informing him that the state of California allows me to schedule my work and my staff as I see fit as long as I do not breach our contractual agreement. I made it very clear that despite the offensive accusations and treatment of distrust that my intentions were the same as they've always been to finish his construction and provide him with the highest quality construction possible. I also offer him my expenses record and my Google GPS location history so that you can see that his distrust was based on non-factual ideas. Despite me offering him these unalterable unbiased data sets for his convenience and my attempt at trying to convey that my interest and intentions were to resolve this in an amicable way he has refused to pay me and has never taken me up on the offer of the information that would exonerate me and asked me to remove my tools from his site. At this point I really do not want a headache with this man and would be happy if I can just not deal with him or his project any longer but I'm worried about being liable for illegally abandoning the construction contract. In your professional opinion would I be liable for any charges against me if I decided to not go forward with this contract any longer? Your advice is greatly appreciated thank you very much!...Read More
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Im doing major construction work fir my cousin who has a situation of her husband died a year ago without a will now she in court with his family fighting over estate and estate is large with its own problems such as he was a slum lord and properties are in bad shape i made an agreement with my cousin to help her out and i have fir the last year bringing rental properties up to housing codes such as major plumbing electric heating and cooling structural carpentry tocic blavk mold removal fixing equipment and vehicles and landscaping now i dont have any paperwork of licenses and business im trying to get that stuff back she has properties and items that i was willing to work for in trade of my labor along with her taking care of bare necessities along the way now i have been in the construction field for fourty years and do high quality work along with knowing the buolding codes to fix jobs properly alot of work i do should be permit pulled but have not i have taken pictures and videos along the way i have got close to $30000 of back pay coming and much more work that needs done she has done things maling me feel like she is not going to pay me i wanted a house that i wanted her to put money towards and make a contract for deed to where it eoukd show me making payments on it to help rebuild my credit to where at the end of this i should have enough to show a bank that i put down payment and made payments on time do i can get a loan on remaining balance we have no written agreement about anything and before i go further what do i do st this point I definitely want to write a contract for further work and want to cover previous work i truly appreciate your time and effort for helping me get in right direction ...Read More
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I am a contractor. A Remodeling project on a high-rise condo is complete. Homeowner won't pay as agreed on the signed contract time frame. They want an unconditional final waiver release first which was not in our contract and a cert of completion. Subs check was payed through our bank but it will not be received until after contract payment date. I agreed to send homeowner both waiver and cert as soon as I get bth of them. I also sent conditional wavier which they were to happy with. They want final. Who holds the right more?...Read More
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I am a contractor where we manufacture custom furniture for bars, restaurants, night clubs and retail. We work with designers, architects, general contractors or direct to owner where we manufacture custom furniture and then install the furniture at the job site. We are new to levelset and new to the lien process. We are creating a Contract for Construction that we will have the customers sign and agree to prior to work. We were given a contract template from levelset and we customized it to our needs. We would like to consult with a lawyer to ensure that this contract is legal and protects us in every way....Read More
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Hi Is a preliminary notice any use if there was no contract written up and nothing signed ? My concrete supplier/installer is trying to charge me 8yards extra over the amount that actually went into the foundations , and he won’t come over to the site and measure up what actually went in ! Now he has sent me a preliminary notice, but we never had a contract written up neither so has he got a leg to stand on ? Thanks Mickey ...Read More
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If person A hires person B for 4 hours at $40/hr ($160 total) but person B must pay $20 in gas to get there and back. But last minute Person A cancels and person B gets another job opportunity. If person B sues for breach of contract what will person A have to pay? $140 or $160? or if B gets the new job do they have to pay at all?...Read More
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