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What is the best methodology for terminating a contract when the Owner originally had a multi-prime agreement and contracts were issued (but no work had begun) and then the project moved to a Construction Manager model and the CM issued contracts directly to the subs (who were the original multi-prime contractors). A deductive change order does not seem in order. Would a termination be better?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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MichiganConstruction Contract
I did some work to a residential home it started in may 2020 the house was so bad the gentleman that lived in the home the state would not allow him to go back in to that house till it was cleaned up so we made init so that the front rooms where goid fir him to come home that was in June so I would go over and work here and there this man was convinced that he was going to get better and he was going to go back to work I have done work for this gentleman a few times so I know he would pay me we have finished the up stairs by OCT So we where going to start the down stairs His wife gave me rmtge vad news him passing a way she asked if I would hold off on the down stairs I said sure this was the end of Oct 2020 I called her to see when she would like to finish the down stairs she said give her a month I had another job I told her the middle of December 2020 she said that was fine so we finished the job Dec 21 2020 well his wife Told me that his brother is fighting her to get it all and they are going through probate the brother got administrator to hand the estate so his wife said that she would pay me I don’t hear any thing all of Jan 2020 so I made the decision to go put a lien on the property that was in Feb I did what I was told to do the first intent I gave them in feb and got no respond so I waited till till April and that is when I sent them another intent to lien and went to clerk of records to file I did that in April . The end of April 2021 well the middle of SEPTEMBER I GET A CALL FROM THE TITEL PEOPLE TELLING ME THAT THEY NEED TO VERIFY MY SIGNATURE SO I CAN GET PAID I SAID SURE WHEN SHE SAID THEY ARE CLISING ON THE HOUSE SEPTEMBER 30th she would get back to me well I didn’t hear from her so I called and asked when she needed me to come down there to vilify my signature. She said tgat I don’t have to come in the lien is no good and it has been removed they ant paying me the probate lawyer told her it ant no good she is going with that the lien was removed and she was not disgusting it any father the lien was removed . I WAS FLOORED SO THE BEXT DAY I GO TO COUNT DENVER CLERK RECORDERS OFFICE AND ASKED HOW THEY GOT THAT LEIN REMOVED FROM TGAT PROPERTY AND I WAS NOT NOTIFIED THE CLECK TOLD ME THE LIEN IS STILL IN PLACE I GOT A MONTH TO GET A JUDGEMENT PUTBON THAT PROPERTY AND I DONT KNOW HOW TO DO THAT AND THE ARE SALING THE HOME SEPT 30?. What should I do. And now that they are being messed up I want to know can I add interest on that and is it 8 % or 12% what ever it is in Colorado and can I add the lawyer fees to plz let me know if you all can help me thank you ...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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ColoradoConstruction Contract
My wife and I are building a custom home on our property in Delaware, Ohio. We have had nothing but issues with the builder. Have many questions. Would like help. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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OhioConstruction Contract
We put a lien on some property did ever thing we where suppose to DI filed with Denver county Clerk recorder we get a call from the title company just a couple of days ago asking fir my boss to send in his signature to verify i then two days later she calls and says the lien was removed in July they notified us we never got any paper work from the people and why 2 months later the title company calls and ask for his signature it just don’t make no since ...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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ColoradoConstruction ContractMechanics Lien
Hi there, On a Lump Sum contract, the Specification lists for UPS battery type A or B is acceptable. Who decides which? I.e. Is it the Contractor who can benefit when choosing the lower price product. or is it the Engineer, who expects that the Contractor will have prices for the most erroneuos option in all cases, to cover himself and benefit if low price option is required Thanks Danni ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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Washington DCConstruction Contract
I was contracted to build steps by a contractor and now they are completed hewill not pay me. He has been paid by the homeowner He is making up lies saying I threatened him when I didn't. What can I do.. We did not havve a written contract but definitely a verbal one. ...Read More
Jenny Beard
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MissouriConstruction Contract
I am a drywall subcontractor and I am looking for a contract to have my clients sign. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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UtahConstruction Contract
My fence contractor began work back in the beginning of May. They never filed a Preliminary Notice. Their work is terrible and while they have now completed the job yesterday (8/19/2021) to the best of their ability though not perfect, the refuse to take less than full payment. They want to put a lien on my house for the balance of $1877 as I am willing to still give $1877 additional to the $3755 owed. I am also the leasee of the property owned by a trust where I am the beneficiary, but not the trustee. Can they put a lien this late or take any action against me for non full payment? Thanks!...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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UtahConstruction ContractMechanics LienPreliminary Notice
My company did a residential rehab project in Orangeburg SC, the client asked that the original contract be revised due to a misunderstanding ( she suggested that I start working in both bathrooms at the same time. I said no I'm not doing that bathroom now, I've come to learn that she thought I meant I was not going to do it at all. When I actually meant it is not a good practice to have both bathrooms inoperable at the same time.) she had no input on what she'd like the revised contract to state. My changes were how the monies were to be paid going forward, she refused to sign the contract or offer any suggestions to try reach an agreement. After several attempts and weeks passing I finally stopped work on the project, advised the client why were had stopped work and that we would return when we had a signed contract ...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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South CarolinaConstruction Contract
I'm a subcontractor in San Antonio, Texas and the General Contractors take more than 40 days to make our payments. The stated on the contract that "They pay as they received funds from the owner". Can I still send a NOI?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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TexasConstruction Contract
On 3/19/21 I signed a contract with 'Bath Makeover' to install a new bathroom. I gave them $10,000 down. During last 6 months they have giving me lots of excusess why contruction has not started. Can I get a full refund from them as I think this is a 'breach of contrct'? Do they have to start work within so-many days or can this drag on for months more.? Thanks More
Anonymous Contractor
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ArizonaConstruction Contract
My client is being very unreasonable, very nit picky, have been doing extra work that she is asking for, I’ve been trying to work with her but she now refuses to pay and I can’t keep going with no pay for my workers. Unfortunately the contract states that the remaining balance is due at end of project, but with all the unrealistic redos she’s been asking of us, we can’t continue. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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CaliforniaConstruction ContractMechanics LienPayment Disputes
The GC is stating we are in breach of contract because the QP of the contractors license passed away and we have not had a new qualifying party assigned but are in the process of doing so. Since the job has not started can we still be in breach of that contract technically? ...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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ArizonaConstruction Contract
I hire a handy man to renovate my bathroom and I gave him some upfront money. Now he finish the job with several flaws, damage to my bathroom floor and some thing he did not replace like we deal on the verbal contract. I told him to come to my house sitting down to discuss and I would like to have some money back before I pay my last part of the deal. He denial to get money and he told me he will put the lien on my property. What I have to do for protecting my home record? and may I sue him about that after I know he would put the lien on my house? Thank you....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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IowaConstruction Contract
If I have not began a small tenant improvement construction project and have not paid anything yet including not turning plans into the City, can I terminate the contract? ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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CaliforniaBack ChargesConstruction ContractPayment Disputes