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So far I’ve been working with this company for over a year in a big project that should have been paying me prevailing wage and they just now brought it up and are trying to fix everything. But I’m not sure if I can do anything about this situation. My crew of 6 and me all just found out about this and I started making more research about this so any help will do good....Read More
CaliforniaConstruction Contract
We sold custom cabinetry to a designer client and now the designer is not paying. We did not file a pre lien on the subject property or designer (not a contactor) so what are the current options? Thank you...Read More
CaliforniaPreliminary Notice
I have a client who's invoice is $4,998.21 and he has deiced to take the insurance payment he received and keep it and pay us a $100.00 dollars at a time and he said there was nothing we can do as long as he is making a payment the insurance payment he got was for the work we did on his home and he spent it. ...Read More
Looking for legal advise on filing a complaint to have my ML recorded post the first 3 months....Read More
CaliforniaLien Deadlines
We have a commercial property that is not paying us and we are wondering if you guys assist with filling small claims?...Read More
We have done a cleaning job for this franchise location. The owner and rep have been unresponsive. Suggestions?...Read More
I'm just removing tumbleweeds from properties I do not do any excavation whatsoever we also clean up the trash on the property load up a trailer and haul it to the dump does this require a contractor's license I don't contract I just do it by the hour...Read More
CaliforniaCash FlowLicenses
How do you get supplier and sub on one Unconditional ? Does it come fro supplier With both names since they cashed the joint check? ...Read More
Hello, I am a subcontractor on a large commercial project. One of my third party suppliers submitted a notarized mechanics lien letter (it was not a notice of intent) to the recorders office during the holidays. The owner of the property has informed the General Contractor that they will not be paying ANY funds for October and beyond until the Release Mechanics Lien has been filed and the lien has been Officially removed and Recorded (which can take months, especially during times of Covid-19). Is it within their legal right to hold payment to the General Contractor and consequentially all Subcontractors on this project, if Unconditional Progress releases and Unconditional Finals for the supplier who filed the lien have been provided? ...Read More
CaliforniaMechanics Lien
We are a subcontractor working on a project that has been 90% paid. We started on 2/23/2020, but forgot to submit a prelim notice. What are our options now? Can we submit it even though it's expired? We still have not been paid the balance on the project. ...Read More
CaliforniaMechanics LienPreliminary Notice
I am a business owner with a tile company. Do I as a business owner have to have a contractors license or is it just my employees that have to have one?...Read More
I need an attorney in the Riverside area familiar with Miller claim ....Read More
CaliforniaMiller Act
Does a Subcontract need to be executed for a project located in CA, in order to submit a Stop Notice/bond claim?...Read More
CaliforniaBond ClaimsStop Notice
I am an architect working with a general contractor in CA. He is terrible at paperwork, and does not want to submit lien releases, in part because he does not want to have to figure out to whom he has paid what. Can the subcontractors submit unconditional releases just saying they were "pain in full" rather than entering a specific amount? If not, what if the amount shown is incorrect? Thanks!...Read More
CaliforniaLien Releases