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Hi, I want to know the process I must take. Our company was subcontracted to do work. The contractor signed a proposal that agrees to deliver full payment upon completion. It has been 3 months and we still have not received payment. every time we ask he gives an excuse saying he didn't get paid yet. Which is none of our concern because that wasn't in the contract. What is the step I must take to go about getting payment? We are in the State of Florida, and we did not do a Notice to owner before we started the work....Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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Original proposal was 103,000. We have already paid in excess of 94,000, plus 4,000 for changes made along the way. Job is almost finished and contractor is demanding an additional 41,000. We asked to see cost documentation in order to resolve the disparity. He is refusing, stating he has no obligation to show them to us and has stopped work on the project until we pay him....Read More
Sharon Morisey
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I'm a staffing agency in Florida and we filed a lien against a company who hasn't paid us for labor we provided in October 2022. Last day onsite was 10/30/22 and we filed on 1/30/23. They hired an attorney to send us a letter to state that, among other defects, we didn't send a notice of intent to lien within 45 days of our last day onsite. I'm now wondering what our recourse should be in this situation and changes we need to make going forward. Thanks....Read More
Scott Phillips
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I was hired by John Gehm from RG NATIONAL LLC base on Missouri, I was hired to work in some universities in Tallahassee Fl, Gainesville Fl, Miami Florida, Minneapolis, Chicago and Pittsburgh. After the jobs were done, he sent me a lien waiver to fill out and have it notarized and sent back. the lien waiver says that that paperwork needs to be sent out in other to get paid in the following week it's been more than 3 weeks and he is not answering my calls now he said he will sue me for lien fraud if I try to do something against the properties. he does have a few lien waivers but not all of them i was wondering if i can do something with the liens that he actually has like voiding them or something or go after him since he told me straight up that he wasn't paying me. I have timesheets, lien waivers, text, emails, check stubs, copy of checks that were cashed out of my account invoices etc. Please I need help with this situation. MY PHONE NUMBER IS 720-487-2590 if someone can give me a call i will higly appreciate it. seems like there's more people struggling with this guy as well help me to help please....Read More
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FloridaMechanics Lien
The GC has had a lawyer send us a cease and desist demand. ...Read More
Weslee Spring
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Hi there, I understand that my following question may be outside your scope of business. But, I'm new to the Construction business, but I am a life long entrepreneur with very sound business background. I've recently started a construction company and initially began doing handyman type work, but due to partner's background, we have done several projects that are more General Construction contracting based. In fact, we've done several projects for a publicly traded Company and they are prepared to provide us with more work, but we will absolutely need to pull permits because the upcoming work is structural. Thank you, Roberto ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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Can an interior designer file a lien for design services including layouts, search for products,and drawings?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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I have already filed a Mechanic Lien back in 4/5/2022, I will expire on 4/5/2023. I would like to protect my job still for 1 more year. ...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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Have not received payment for December 27th, 2021 invoice. In dispute with customer falsely claiming we damaged some golf course greens....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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my pool company file a lien on my property without completing the job...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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FloridaConstruction ContractPayment Disputes
I am the property owner. The subcontractor started the work for a driveway and prepared the site. Now that it has passed inspection and need the concrete work done, he is not answering calls. A contract was never signed and the name listed in the Notice of Commencement is not their company. I have been making payments even though they kept asking for more money than it was agreed upon. The balance right now is $1,350.00. Only the proposal was signed and it was made by Your Builders Construction and the Notice of Commencement lists Universal Construction. Can I cancel the Notice of Commencement. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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Can a property manager in Florida signed work authorization without owner's approval or knowledge of the cost?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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FloridaPayment Disputes
We have a situation where the Electrical Contractor has gone under and failed to complete a government project. We are a material supplier who sold materials to the Electrical Contractor on terms and we are looking at taking a significant loss. We have "controls" to ship that would finish the project but we are refusing as its leverage to get paid. This is a Government job so there was a bond issued. We are "filing" a bond claim. The GC is getting wacked with fees from the government because they are late completing the project. Can the General Contractor claw back money / fees that the government has assessed them for not completing the project on time from the material supplier (my company) who is holding back the final controls needed to complete the project as we work through the bond process to ensure we will be made whole. The GC wants to pay for the controls themselves to complete the job and therefore reduce our bond claim. I'm not comfortable at all with that and am looking for some guidance....Read More
Steven Levitsky
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Can a wife a "Registered Nurse" with no construction background became a contractor if "husband" that has 12yr PM experience Partners with Wife?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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We did a DBPR search for a “licensed contract and it doesn’t say “active” It states he is eligible for the exam and he is financial officer ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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