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Bond to release mechanic lien

To whom it may concern, I filed a ML on July 9th against owner of BMW of Louisville and Contractor Kelly Construction. Two days later...

We received notice in July that the Contractor filed for bankruptcy. We are out the retainage and the startup monies. Can we collect against the Contractors Payment Bond? We have not filed notices to date.

We supply solids removal equipment to Contractors and Subcontractors for large municipal and private water projects. Our Agreements include startup and commissioning services as part...


I have sent demand letter and noise via a lien to owner. The owners construction director email me my contract is with general contractor and...

If a mechanics lien was filed on a vehicle i bought and i bought the car and satified the lien plus price added from vehicle but a friend dropped off the car and their was no owner information how do you know who to send the ceritified letter to

I bought a car off a mechanic with a notarized bill of sale but when I registered it I found out the mechanic sent the...

Can person who did work for a Plumbing & HVAC company file a lien against homeowner?

Chat Hello. I am in Louisville KY and we are residential plumbing & HVAC service. We went to a home owners and installed an HVAC...

Can a construction material supplier apply money paid by a GC to a Subcontractor to projects other than that which was paid for by the GC and then file a lien for the artificially inflated amount against the project?

A roofing material supplier was paid by a subcontractor with money down the chain from Owner to GC to Subcontractor specifically for stored material and...

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