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Can I file a lien for swimming pool repair and cleaning (removal of mustard algae)customer paid about 70% of the total invoice

There was no estimate on this job….customer had spent a lot of money on chemicals to remove mustard algae…pool looked like pea soup…..I said no...

What can be included in a lien and how do you file one in Kansas

Hello. We own a painting company in Kansas and the majority of our work is interior apartment painting. I have a complex that is now...

We live in Kansas and filed a mechanics lien on the property in which we resided at for 5 yrs. The owners evicted us after we repaired the foundation and they now are not able to get the title released to purchasers. How do we go about the intent to foreclose? And does there have to be an auction to sell the property to get paid or can the owners make a decision to give us the home as payment for the lien?

I did above

What are the laws against going to the property you were working on to reclaim items that are yours?

The owner of the property which is a mobile home park is not only refusing to pay me for my personal materials used or labor...

I performed multiple plumbing jobs for an owner of a RV/mobile home park in Hutchinson Ks. I spent money out of my own pocket for some materials and used hundreds of dollars worth of my own supplies for the repairs. Making a long story short I used all of my own materials for the repairs for the owner. Have given her numerous receipts for reimbursement and she’s not willing to pay for the work or supplies. I have sent her the invoices for each Repair or project. I’m now having to spend extra out of pocket money to replenish my inventory out of my truck. She’s not willing to even pay for the materials that she’s received the receipts for. She asked me to bring my skid loader for snow removal then an hour later said that it was not necessary to remove the snow. She then turned around and demanded that I have the skid loader return. So I informed her that mileage and time wasted would be charged to the park. I feel that I have no choice but to place a lien on the entire park. I’ve never had any one refuse to pay for the labor let alone the materials. I have given her itemized invoices for each job that was completed. Now she wants to see exactly where each part was installed? I’m at a loss either way?

Sorry I explained that in the previous box

I was hired by the owner of a RV/Mobile home Park. I was in agreement with the owner of the park to install all the new water meters for each mobile home for the city/park. I made several out of pocket purchases and used large amounts of my own materials for work on 2 separate mobile homes that the owner asked me to make repairs to. I’ve sent emails to owner and now can get no response. Between labor and materials I’m owed around $3000. And now I have replenished my supplies for other jobs out of my own pocket. Do I need to get liens on each individual mobile home or am I needing to put on the entire park because we had a agreement for me to install the new city water meters@ $120 per meter and there’s 46 meters?

Sorry I kinda asked the question in previous box.

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