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Arkansas Construction Legal Form FAQs

Arkansas’s unique laws can make getting paid a challenge. These FAQ pages are a great place to learn the basics and continue your journey to becoming a payment hero.

Arkansas lien &
payment FAQ’s

Recent questions and answers about Arkansas payment

Can I file this lien ?

This guy owes me money for services I preformed. I have a signed contract and email chains and proof of services rendered . I am not a contractor how do i get my money....

proposal of effective work atmosphere/ plan before payment comes to an Accounts Department

dear Sir, I am working with the Property Business company. we are having currently 3 sites where the work is still in progress . Our Boss want to have the cash flow ready before all unexpected expenses arise from the sites he wants us to be on...

can i stop the Notice to Owner and Contractor (NOI Step 1 of 2)

I think we needed to send the Preliminary Notice and not the Notice to Owner and Contractor

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