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I have contracted work done for Ecodrum.Inc out of Canada and they won’t pay. What percentage can I legally charge them

They won’t pay

I shook hands on a job bid for 10k, up on completion the man decides the work is only worth 6.5k to him. I asked for a check. Check said 6.5k. I cashed it. It said final payment, paid in full. I gave them a receipt for the 6.5k and showed a balance of 3.5k.. sent a notice of lien within the time frame. Did I shoot myself in the foot?

Had a lawyer he advised mark through and put partial payment in memo area.. he has disappeared on me. This is my first year trying...

Arkansas. Can I file a lean on a farm that I paid rent to live on but I was never paid for the work and supplies that I did and furnished on the farm with an oral agreement.

Gave my son the farm I live on for past 25 yrs. It was Half paid off when I gave it to him. It was...

I filed a lien last year and me and the owner agreed to proceed and I did some more work. Can I still add the cost of the first work on the current lien I am about to file

Owner ended up not sticking to the deal so I was going to quit and file another lien.

If I failed to provide a pre-construction lien notice for a residential project in Arkansas such that I cannot place a lien on the improved property, are my rights to sue affected?

My company usually does work in apartment buildings and is not required to provide pre-construction notices. However, we are currently owed money by a real...

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