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How much is it to file a lien

Contractor filing liens

Difference between notice of completion and conditional lien waiver?

What is the difference between “notice of completion” and “conditional lien waiver”? My house is completed but I don’t want to close til the builder...

Can I file a lien even if the signed contract says terms are pay when paid?

We have a company that has multiple invoices they are not paying, stating they have not received payment themselves for the jobs. The signed contract...

if a General Contractor pays you with a 1099…and submitted a year end 1099…and..the GC did not without…or pay any taxes on my behalf…are there any circumstances that then the GC can turn around and argue that I was in fact his employee.

The GC in question has failed to make payment to me for almost 4 months now…I files a pre-lim notice of non-payment…then…filed a mechanics lien...

mechanics lien with no contract, fees above standard

Hello, I have a small work done at my house but the contractor was not having a professional behavior and we decided not to proceed....

What happens if I send a preliminary notice even if our contract states that we should not send them?

We work in 31 states nationwide. Many of our contracts state that we are not to send notices or anything else regarding lien rights. What...

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